1. Completely run in C#.NET and easily integrate into any C#.NET applications
  2. Default value are defined automatically at the beginning of the bar code generation
  3. Provide gif, png, jpeg, tiff, bmp etc as the image file format to save Code 93 barcode
  4. Simple to change and set Code 93 image rotation, resolution and color
  5. Display Code 93 human-readable text and checksum digit or not
  6. Simple to change the proportion of narrow bar and wide bar in Code 93 barcodes
  7. Easy-to use, comprehensive barcode generator for Code 93 in C#.NET
Setting Code 93 Barcode Image in C#.NET
Those following properties may influence Code 93 barcode width: (a), barcode rotation; (b), barcode resolution; (c), image format; (d), human-readable text; (e) image color; and (f), bar alignment.

Download BusinessRefinery.com C#.NET Code 93 and unzip; then add BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Win.dll or BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Web.dll to your .NET project reference; copy those C# sample code onto your Visual Studio:
     using BusinessRefinery.Barcode;

     Linear barcode = new Linear();
     barcode.Symbology = Symbology.CODE93;
     barcode.Code = "9876543210";

(a) Barcode rotation

Change Code 93 barcode rotation using Rotate property in BusinessRefinery.com C#.NET Code 93.
     barcode.Rotate = Rotate.Rotate0;

(b) Barcode resolution

Manage Code 93 barcode resolution using Resolution property in BusinessRefinery.com C#.NET Code 93.
     barcode.Resolutin = 72;

(c) Image Formats

Save the barcode images to most of the popular image formats using drawBarcode2ImageFile property in BusinessRefinery.com C#.NET
Draw Code 93 barcode image into C#.NET Graphics, Stream & Bitmap objects.
     barcode.drawBarcode2Stream("Stream object");
     barcode.drawBarcodeOnGraphics("Graphics object");

(d) Human-readable Text

Display or hide Code 93 human-readable text using DisplayText property.
     barcode.DisplayText = true;
Completely control over the appearance of the human-readable text in the Code 93 barcode image using TextFont properties.
     barcode.TextFont = new FontStyle("Arial", Font.PLAIN, 11); 

(e) Image Color

Colorize any part of the Code 93 barcode image, including default white and black. Change Code 93 foreground color using ForeColor property.
     barcode.ForeColor = BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Color.Green; 
Set Code 93 background color using BackColor properties.
     barcode.BackColor = BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Color.White; 
Print Code 93 with colorized human-readable text using TextColor properties.
     barcode.TextColor = BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Color.Pink

(f) Bar Alignment

Change Code 93 barcode horizontal alignment inside the image using BarAlignment property.
     barcode.BarAlignment = 2;

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