BizCode Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate
The most robust & powerful barcode generating SDK for Microsoft .NET Framework
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  • Mature barcode creating SDK
  • Support .NET 2.0/3.0/4.0
  • 100% developed in C#.NET
  • Dynamic barcodes support
  • User-defined controls provided
How to Generate 2D Barcodes in Visual C#?
Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate is compatible with C#.NET IDEs, and supports printing 2D (Matrix) barcode images in C# projects. The generator is an advanced .NET barcode control library SDK, which could be integrated into .NET Visual C# Class Library, Console Application, Windows Forms and C# ASP.NET Web Applications.
Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate presents a flexible 2D barcode generation in C# programming, supporting adjustment for various parameters such as resolution, orientation, image formats, etc. to cater for different needs. You can view barcode tutorial with C# sample here.
BizCode .NET Barcode Dll library enables developers to create 5 major in use two-dimensional barcodes in C#.NET projects, including the generation of Data Matrix barcode, PDF-417, Micro PDF-417, Macro PDF-417, QR Code (Quick Reponse Code), and Micro QR Code barcode. More details are presented in the following section.
C# QR Code

.NET barcode generator integrates with C#.NET IDE and works well with types of .NET projects in C# .NET. This QR Code generator is capable of encoding numeric digits (0-9), alphanumeric data (0-9, uppercase letters A-Z, &lowercase letters a-z), byte characters and Kanji Characters in accordance with ISO / IEC 18004 (2nd edition 2006-09-01). Auto data mode function is provided.
C# Micro QR Code

Try for .NET Barcode Generator Control SDK evaluation to generate Micro QR Code barcodes in Visual C#.NET Class Library, C# Console Applications, C# Windows Forms, C# ASP.NET Web Site, C# ASP.NET Web Service, C# Crystal Report for .NET, and C# RDLC Client Report. Auto data mode function is provided.
C# Data Matrix

Creating Data Matrix barcodes in C#.NET program with Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate is a simple and easy job. Barcode generating component can be easily integrated into C#.NET IDE with Xcopy. The generated Data Matrix is automatically compatible with the latest ISO barcode specification of Data Matrix - ISO / IEC 16022 (2nd edition 2006-09-15).
C# PDF-417

Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate creates extremely accurate PDF-417 images in C#.NET projects. It was entirely developed in C#.NET 2.0 with strong named assemblies. This product also provides flexible customization functions to specify PDF-417 barcode size, image, and text, which is compatible with the latest ISO barcode specification of PDF-417 - ISO / IEC 15438 (2nd edition 2006-06-01).
C# Micro PDF-417

BusinessRefinery .NET Barcode Encoder supports generating standard Micro PDF-417 barcode images as specified in ISO+IEC+24728-2006 MicroPDF417 bar code symbology specification. All the Micro PDF-417 barcode output are qualified for all scanners and printers (including thermal printers with relatively low resolution).