• Create and generate RM4SCC barcode symbol image
  • Create and stream images to Class library, Control library, and Console Applications
  • Crystal Reports and Microsoft SSRS are supported
  • Allows the Graphic image resolution of RM4SCC to be changed
  • Support multiple image formats including Gif, Png, Jpeg, Tiff, and Bitmap
  • Built 100% in C#
  • Royalty-free with purchase license

RM4SCC C#.NET Generator FAQ

1. What types of project could RM4SCC C#.NET Generator integrate

Console application, Class library, and control library developed in Visual C# .NET are supported. Web server applications that could be developed in Visual C# IDEs could also be equipped with RM4SCC C#.NET Generator.

2. How to Setup RM4SCC C#.NET Generator

3. What Image formats are supported

RM4SCC C#.NET generator could generate graphic RM4SCC files with Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) and Portable Network Graphics (PNG). Bitmaps could be generated as well.

4. How to Set Image Format for RM4SCC

Property ImageFormat could be ultilized to set the image format of the produced RM4SCC via C# applications.


5. How to Change the Resolution of the barcode Image

Resolution using RM4SCC C#.NET Generator is set in DPI.

barcode.Resolution = 96;

6. How to Change the Color of the barcode image

Monochromatic RM4SCC symbols are no more the only option. Using RM4SCC C#.NET Generator, you can easily draw colorful RM4SCC images by your C#.NET application.

7. How to Place Barcode Symbol in the image

Some packaging methods require special considerations for RM4SCC symbol placement. The placement of a RM4SCC could be done within second using RM4SCC C#.NET Generator using Alignment and Rotation setting.

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