• Built exclusively to generate dynamic Code 93 bar code image
  • Include Winforms Control for .NET Windows Applications in Visual C#
  • Provide ASP.NET Web Server Control for Web Application development
  • Support Crystal Report and Office Applications in C# Dotnet
  • Support Extended Code 93 to encode lowercase alphabets
  • Output Quality Gif, Tiff, Png, Bitmap, and Jpeg bar code image
Code 93 C#.NET Generator is a quality Code 93 generator for Visual C# development exclusively. .NET Winforms and Web forms in different project types are supported.

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Code 93 is an alphanumeric barcode symbology used in non-retail environments. Code 93 C#.NET Generator encodes:
  • Numeric Characters: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Uppercase alphabet: A - Z
  • Lowercase alphabet: a - z
  • Punctuations: -(Dash), $ (Dollar), % (Percentage), (Space), . (Point), / (Slash), + (Plus)
Code 93 C#.NET Generator generates Code 93 and Extended Code 93.

Code 93 C#.NET Generator FAQ

1. What types of .NET projects is supported

Code 93 C#.NET Generator integrates with almost all kinds of .NET Projects in Visual C# IDEs. Windows Application, Windows Control Library, Class Library, Console Application could be generated by Code 93 C#.NET Generator. Code 93 C#.NET Generator could be added to Web Control Library, Crystal Report Application, Window Service, and SQL Server Projects in Visual C# in .NET.

2. How to Install Code 93 C#.NET Generator in C#.NET IDEs

See C#.NET Barcode Generator Installation.

After C#.NET Barcode Generator is installed in your Visual C# IDE, construct a linear barcode object (named csharpcode93 for example), shown as follow:

Linear csharpcode93 = new Linear();

Then, set linear barcode symbology type to be CODE93, shown as follow:

csharpcode93.Symbology = Symbology.CODE93;

3. What Data Length is Encodable

Code 93 is a variable-length symbology. There is no limitation over the data length in a Code 93.

4. How to Encode Numeric Data Characters

For Code 93, numeric characters (0 through 9) are encodable. Both form control and web server control for Code 93 in C#.NET include property Code for data encoding. For instance, “0123456789” is to be encoded, and then string value "0123456789" should be given to property Code, shown as following code:

csharpcode93.Code = "0123456789";

5. How to Encrypt Alphabetical Data Characters

Alphabetical Data Characters are also encodable for Code 93.

Sample Code:

csharpcode93.Code = "ABCDE";

If lowercase alphabets are to encode, please select CODE93EX instead of CODE93, shown in How to encode Lowercase alphabet using Code 93 C#.NET Generator.

6. How to Add Punctuation in Code 93

Punctuation could also be added in Code 93 data. Dash, Dollar, Percentage, Space, Point, Slash, and Plus are encodable by Code 93.

Sample Code:

csharpcode93.Code = "-$% ./+";

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