• Create and generate ITF-14 barcode symbol image
  • Create and stream images to Class library, Control library, and Console Applications
  • Crystal Reports and Microsoft SSRS are supported
  • Allows the Graphic image resolution of ITF-14 to be changed
  • Support multiple image formats including Gif, Png, Jpeg, Tiff, and Bitmap
  • Built 100% in C#
  • Royalty-free with purchase license

ITF-14 C#.NET Generator FAQ

1.What types of project could ITF-14 C#.NET Generator integrate

Console application, Class library, and control library developed in Visual C# .NET are supported. Web server applications that could be developed in Visual C# IDEs could also be equipped with ITF-14 C#.NET Generator.

2.How to Setup ITF-14 C#.NET Generator

3.What Image formats are supported

ITF-14 C#.NET generator could generate graphic ITF-14 files with Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) and Portable Network Graphics (PNG). Bitmaps could be generated as well.

4.How to Set Image Format for ITF-14

Property ImageFormat could be ultilized to set the image format of the produced ITF-14 via C# applications.

5.How to Change the Resolution of the barcode Image

Resolution using ITF-14 C#.NET Generator is set in DPI.
     barcode.Resolution = 96;

6.How to Change the Color of the barcode image

Monochromatic ITF-14 symbols are no more the only option. Using ITF-14 C#.NET Generator, you can easily draw colorful ITF-14 images by your C#.NET application.

7.How to Place Barcode Symbol in the image

Some packaging methods require special considerations for ITF-14 symbol placement. The placement of a ITF-14 could be done within second using ITF-14 C#.NET Generator using Alignment and Rotation setting.

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