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Barcode .NET WinForms
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Barcode Generator for Winforms is a .NET Control library package that generates 1D (Linear) & 2D (Matrix) barcodes in C# / VB.NET Windows Applications. It supports 30+ linear & 2D barcode generations in various Visual Studio C#, VB.NET development environments, including .NET Class (C#, VB.NET, J#); .NET Windows Forms Applications and .NET Console Applications.
BusinessRefinery .NET Winforms Barcode Generator requires no barcode font and allows barcode creation to be easily achieved in your .NET Windows Forms applications. Once installed, the control may automatically add advanced barcode generating and printing features onto your .NET Winforms projects.
With this Barcpde Generating DLL for .NET Winforms, all barcode generation is compatible with the latest barcode specification in ISO and GS1 system. Besides, multiple barcode options over barcode image, size, and human-readable text are provided for users to customize their own barcodes.
What Kind of Barcodes Do We Support
Linear Barcode
Barcode Generator for Winforms supports to draw most common linear barcodes, including Code 39, Code 128, GS1-128, EAN-13, UPC-A, USPS Intelligent Mail and ITF-14 barcodes in .NET development environments.
More linear/1D barcode
2D Barcode
Data Matrix Generation in.NET Winforms projects.

QR Code Generation in .NET Winforms projects.

PDF-417 Generation in.NET Winforms projects.
More Matrix/2D barcode
Why Choose Barcode Generator for Winforms
Among all the .NET Winforms Barcode Generator, Barcode Generator for Winforms is your best choice.

Using this Barcpde Generating DLL for .NET Winforms, you may generate 30+ linear, postal and 2D barcodes within a single, small, fully-functional package; you may use it on different development environments of .NET winforms; and you will never worry about the accuracy of your barcode creation.

Besides, we provides detailed user manual for guiding every aspect of barcode generation in .NET winforms. We listen to our customers and dedicated to fulfill all their needs. And we keep it going, upgrading the products for a better service. Perhaps, that is why so many companies choose BusinessRefinery .NET Winforms Barcode Generator. You may try it yourself!
Where Do We Use
Insurance Firms
Educational Institutions
Data Processing Houses
Government Organizations
Sales Management
Legal Institutions
Postal Service
Automative Retail Industry
Logistics/Cargo Control System
Online Marketing
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