BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Word
The most professional and unique barcode solution for Microsoft Word
Quick Overviews
  • Easy-to-use barcode add-in
  • No need for barcode font
  • MS-Word 2007/2010
  • Various barcode support
  • Advanced controls provided
Word Barcode Integration
Barcode for Word
In this integration guide, several barcode solutions will be introduced for users who want to generate multiple barcodes in Microsoft Office Word documents / workbook. Corresponding advantages and disadvantages will be compared so you can decide the most suitable barcode solutions to easily create, add barcode images in MS Office Word documents.
Barcode Products Advantages & Disadvantages
Barcode Generator for Microsoft Word
  • Simple to create & add barcodes in MS Word documents
  • Easy to use with no programming involved
  • No barcode fonts or third party tools required
  • Supporting over 20 linear and matrix barcode images
  • Guide to create barcodes in MS Office Word
Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate
  • High-quality barcode control SDK library written in C#
  • Various barcode settings adjustable
  • Easy to control barcode size by customizing dimensions
  • Sample code to print barcodes in Word using C#
  • Sample code to print barcodes in Word using VB.NET
Barcode Generator for ASP.NET
Barcode Generator for .NET WinForms