• Developed for Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode symbology
  • Compatible with GS1 barcode standards
  • Consists of readable strip of black bars and white spaces, above a sequence of 12 numerical digits
  • Calculate and print error correcting check digit as the last digit in each UPC-E
  • Allow X-dimension to be changed
  • Format and encode the UPC digit string
  • UPC-E generator for C# Class library, Console Application, as well as Control library
  • Ready-to-use .NET Component for the development of Excel Workbook, Word Document, and Outlook Add-in
  • Support Crystal reports and RDLC reports
  • Drawing standard guard patterns

C#.NET UPC-E Barcode Setting Quick links:
UPC-E C#.NET Generator FAQ

1. What types of projects is supported

UPC-E C#.NET Generator is a ready-to-use .NET Component for Visual C# projects in .NET IDEs.

Office application including Word Document, Excel Workbooks, and Outlook Add-ins are supported by UPC-E C#.NET Generator. Web projects are supported by it as well.

2. How to Install UPC-E C#.NET Generator in C#.NET IDEs

Please refer to C#.NET Barcode Generator Installation.

After C#.NET Barcode Generator is installed in your Visual C# IDE, construct a linear barcode object (named csharpUPCE for example), shown as follow:

Linear csharpUPCE = new Linear();

Then, set linear barcode symbology type to be UPCE, shown as follow:

csharpUPCE.Symbology = Symbology.UPCE;

3. What Data Length is Encodable

The data length encodable by a UPC-E is fixed. UP-A consists of six numerical digits. The last digit is check digit.

4. How to Encode Numeric Data Characters

barcode.Symbology = Symbology.UPCE;

barcode.Code = "123123";

5. How to Encrypt Data Characters in Supplement barcode

UPC-E supplement characters are very similar to that of EAN-13. They are supplement to the EAN-13 barcodes and are often used on magazines and periodicals to indicate an issue number.

barcode.Symbology = Symbology.UPCE_2;

barcode.SupplementCode = "12";

barcode.Code = "123123";

barcode.Symbology = Symbology.UPCE_5;

barcode.SupplementCode = "12345";

barcode.Code = "123123";

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