• Graphic Image generator for RM4SCC in Visual C# .NET IDEs
  • Include Winforms Control for .NET Windows Applications in Visual C#
  • Create and stream images to Web projects developed in Visual C# IDEs
  • Ready-to-use RM4SCC image generator for Crystal Report and SSRS
  • Create dynamic Code 39, Code 128, EAN, UPC, and Data Matrix
  • Royalty-free with 6 months's priority technique support
  • Output Quality Gif, Tiff, Png, Bitmap, and Jpeg bar code image

C#.NET RM4SCC Barcode Setting Quick links:
RM4SCC C#.NET Generator FAQ

1. What types of projects is supported

Office application including Word Document, Excel Template, and Outlook Add-ins integrate with RM4SCC C#.NET Generator easily. Window Control library and Web Control library are supported.

2. How to Install RM4SCC C#.NET Generator in C#.NET IDEs

Jump to C#.NET Barcode Generator Installation, and follow installation steps in it.

After installed, please build a linear barcode object (named csharprm4scc for example), shown as follow:

Linear csharprm4scc = new Linear();

Set linear barcode symbology type to be RM4SCC then, shown as follow:

csharprm4scc.Symbology = Symbology.RM4SCC;

3. What Data Length is Encodable

RM4SCC is variable length symbology.

4. How to Encode Numeric Data Characters

Numeric Characters are encodable for RM4SCC.

Sample Code:

csharprm4scc.Code = "123";

5. How to Encrypt Alphabetical Data Characters

Uppercase alphabets are encodable for RM4SCC.

Sample Code:

csharprm4scc.Code = "ABCDEFG";

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