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How to Encode PDF-417 Data in C#
C#.NET PDF-417 Generator is a mature barcode generating component, 100% developed in managed C#. It allows users to create PDF-417 barcode images in Client Applications built in C#, stream high quality graphic images to Visual C# web projects and generate Symbols in Microsoft Reporting Service (SSRS) and Crystal Reports.
C#.NET PDF-417 Generator is easy to encode all ASCII characters include Standard version and Extended Version. Mixed encoding schemes including Text, Byte, and Numeric characters can be simply and quickly encrypted in your C#.NET projects. This page tells you how to encode PDF-417 barcode valid data using C# class; others please see:
PDF-417 Data Related Properties


Users may easily generate PDF-417 barcodes with 5 different data modes using DataMode property.

5 PDF-417 data modes:
  • Auto: this component will determine the best data mode for you
  • Text: encodes all printable ASCII characters
  • Byte: encodes 8-bit values according to ISO/IEC 8859-1
  • Numeric: encodes 10 Arabic digits 0-9
  • Customer: encodes data according to the customer


Users may easily change PDF-417 barcode data string with variable length using Code property.


Users may simply encode some special characters in PDF-417 barcode with a tilde characters "~" using ProcessTilde property.
  • 1-byte character: ~0dd/~1dd/~2dd (character value from 000 ~ 255); ASCII character '~' is presented by ~126
    Strings from "~256" to "~299" are unused
  • 2-byte character (Unicode): ~6ddddd (character value from 00000 ~ 65535)
    Strings from "~665536" to "~699999" are unused
  • Programming for reader initialisation: ~rp.
    This should be located at the beginning of the encoding data, e.g. data = "~rpABCD1234".
  • ECI: ~7dddddd (valid value of dddddd from 000000 to 999999)

Error Correction Level

Users may encode PDF-417 barcode with various error correction levels from level 0 to level 8 using ECL property.
Customize PDF-417 Barcode Data in C#.NET
If you want to encode PDF-417 data in C#.NET, be sure that you have installed:
Encode PDF-417 Barcode Data in .NET Project Using C# Class
Copy those following code onto your C#.NET projects:
using BusinessRefinery.Barcode;

PDF417 barcode = new PDF417();
barcode.Code = "PDF-417";

Encode PDF-417 Barcode Data with Different Data Modes in C#.NET
DataMode default value in Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate is PDF417DataMode.Auto.

Copy those following code to change PDF-417 encoding data modes:
barcode.DataMode = PDF417DataMode.Text;
barcode.Code = "PDF417";
Select PDF-417 Error Correction Level
ECL default value in Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate is PDF417ECL.LEVEL_2.

Copy those following code to change PDF-417 error correction level:
barcode.ECL = PDF417ECL.LEVEL_2;
Encode PDF-417 Barcode Data with "~" in C#.NET
ProcessTilde default value in Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate is false.

Copy those following code to encode PDF-417 barcode data with "~":
barcode.ProcessTilde= true;
barcode.Code = "~458964";