• Visual C# development tool for making European Article Number (EAN) barcode image
  • Used as a DLL without being loaded on a C# form
  • Support printing dynamic GS1 data carriers including EAN/UPC, ITF-14, and Data Matrix
  • Print EAN-8 for labeling retail goods
  • Support EAN-2 and EAN-5 as a supplement to the EAN-8 barcodes to indicate an issue number
  • Calculate checksum digit and print it automatically at the right end in EAN-8
  • May be used for Binary data digits encoding
  • Support Bookland (ISBN) and International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)
  • Encrypt GTINs and the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) for GS1 trade items

C#.NET EAN-8 Barcode Setting Quick links:
EAN-8 C#.NET Generator FAQ

1. What types of projects is supported

Console application, Class library, as well as Control library could be integrated with EAN-8 C#.NET Generator easily. All of these projects may generate quality EAN-8 barcode images once EAN-8 generator installed.

2. How to Install EAN-8 C#.NET Generator in C#.NET IDEs

Follow Steps in C#.NET Barcode Generator Installation Guide.

After installation, create a linear barcode object (named csharpean8 for example), as shown below:

Linear csharpean8 = new Linear();

Then, set linear barcode symbology type to be EAN8, shown as follow:

csharpean8.Symbology = Symbology.EAN8;

3. What Data Length is Encodable

Each EAN-8 encodes eight digits. One digit in it is automatically calculated and printed as checksum.

4. How to Encode Numeric Data Characters

barcode.Symbology = Symbology.EAN8;

barcode.Code = "1231231";

5. How to Encrypt Data Characters in Supplement barcode

The Encoding of EAN-2 and EAN-5 characters is very similar to that of EAN-8. They are supplement to the EAN-8 barcodes and are often used on magazines and periodicals to indicate an issue number.

barcode.Symbology = Symbology.EAN8_2;

barcode.SupplementCode = "12";

barcode.Code = "1231231";

barcode.Symbology = Symbology.EAN8_5;

barcode.SupplementCode = "12345";

barcode.Code = "1231231";

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