BizCode Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate
High-quality barcode image generating library SDK (Dll) for Microsoft .NET Applications
Quick Overviews
  • Mature barcode creating SDK
  • Support .NET 2.0/3.0/4.0
  • 100% developed in C#.NET
  • Dynamic barcodes support
  • User-defined controls provided
How to Generate QR Code in C# Class Library
QR Code (a.k.a. Denso Barcode, QRCode, Quick Response Code) is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code) created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. The "QR" is derived from "Quick Response", as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.
QR Code Creator SDK for Visual C# is powerful .NET barcode generating component dll used for creating 2D QR Code images in .NET projects using Visual C# class. Completely written in Visual C# .NET, it supports .NET 2.0 and later version, with source code available.
QR Code Generator Dll for C#.NET is easy to integrate QR Code generating and printing features into multiple C# development environments, including QR Code for C# Winforms applications, C#.NET Web forms, C#.NET Class and Console Applications, C#.NET SSRS and Crystal Report.

QR Code Generation is compatible with the latest QR Code specification ISO - ISO / IEC 18004 (2nd edition 2006-09-01), to ensure all printout QR Codes are valid for readers. This page explain how to create your own QR Code barcodes using Visual C#.NET; you may get some more specific user manuals here on encoding QR Code data C#, adjusting QR Code image formats in C#, and resizing QR Code barcode.
QR Code Generator Library for C# Features
Encodable CharactersSupport to encode:
- Numeric (arabic) characters
- Alphanumerics (numerics + upper-case letters)
- Byte characters
- Kanji characters
GS1 SystemSupport encoding GS1 compatible QR Code barcodes in C#.NET
Programming Language- Visual C#.NET programming supported
- Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) Supported
User ManualComplete user manual guiding every aspect of QR Code generation with C# sample code
Image & SizeMultiple barcode setting options to customize QR Code barcode image and size, including module width, image width, rotation, resolution, image format etc.
Safe & SecureProvide 100% managed code product created in Visual C#.NET with strong name signatures and signed DLLs
QR Code C# Library Dll Requirements
Windows OS
- Microsoft Windows 7
- Windows Server 2008
- Windows Vista
- Windows Server 2003
- Windows XP
Development Environments
- .NET 2.0/3.0/4.0
- Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010
- C#.NET Windows Forms Application
- C# Class Library & Console Applications
- C# ASP.NET Webform / Web site
- C# Crystal Report & RDLC Report
.NET QR Code Generator in C#.NET Applications
Method 1: Generate QR Codes in .NET WinForms Applications
  1. Downalod Barcode Generator Library for .NET package for free.
  2. Add the component - BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Win.dll to your Winforms project reference.
  3. Then you can copy the QR Code C# demo code below to your Visual Studio project.
Examples to Create QR Codes in ASP.NET Projects
Method 2: Create QR Code Images in C# ASP.NET Applications
  1. Unzip BizCode Generator Dll SDK for .NET Ultimate package.
  2. Add BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Web.dll to you ASP.NET project reference.
  3. Then please copy the Visual C# demo code into your project to print QR Code in C# ASP.NET.
How to Generate QR Code Images Using C# Class Library Sample?
Copy those following C# QR Code sample code to your C# projects:
using BusinessRefinery.Barcode;
QRCode barcode = new QRCode();
barcode.Code = "QR Code";
barcode.Resolution = 104;
barcode.Rotate = Rotate.Rotate180;
barcode.Format = ImageFormat.Gif;