BizCode Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word
The most professional and unique barcode solution for Microsoft Word
Quick Overviews
  • Easy-to-use barcode add-in
  • No need for barcode font
  • MS-Word 2007/2010
  • Various barcode support
  • Advanced controls provided

We are Easy to Use

BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Word requires no programming knowledge and barcode fonts. It can be easily installed on most major Windows operating systems, such as:
  • Windows Server 2008 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Windows Vista (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003

Fully Integrate into Microsoft Office Word

Creating dynamic barcode in Microsoft Office Word has never been easier! BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Word may help you to easily integrate barcode generation capability into all major Microsoft Office Word versions, including Microsoft Office Word2007, and Microsoft Office Word 2010.

With BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Word, users may easily generate & create barcodes with a few clicks. Meanwhile, users are allowed to assign the required mail merge fields into barcodes or create multiple barcode labels into the same Word document simply and fast!

Completely Developed in .NET Framework

BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Word is a native barcode generating plug-in written in C#, allowing users to integrate dynamic barcodes images into Microsoft Office Word 2007 and 2010 with a much better user experience and performance.

BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Word is completely developed in .NET framework 3.5 and VSTO 3.0 Runtime. Therefore, be sure to install those programs above before you using this BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Word.

We Support Over 20 Barcode Symbologies

BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Word supports most common linear barcodes to be created according to their barcode specifications. Besides, other barcodes, like postal barcodes, GS1 barcodes and major 2D barcodes are also supported:

Rendering Barcode Image as Your Wish

Advanced controls of high usability outline BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Word as one of the most mature & professional barcode generating add-in available for Microsoft Office Word.

It provides flexible barcode sizing & imaging options to freely adjust generated barcode image via X, Y dimension, barcode width & height, wide to narrow ratio, quiet margins of top, bottom, right and left, image quality in DPI, barcode rotation angles, etc.

Selectable Text option provided to display or hide under barcode symbols with customize font style in accordance with users' needs.

Flexible Developer License & Support

BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Word is updated every 3 to 12 months for the improvement of security, compatibility and supported barcode symbologies updates. If you have any interests in our BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Word, we provide various supports:
  • Support 60 days Free Trial
  • 60 days Free Priority Support and 60 days Free Software Upgrade
  • Priority Support includes email support, and we reply your request within 24 hours
  • Wire Transfer, Purchase Order, Credit Card, PayPal and Western Union
  • Royalty-free with the purchase of Developer Licenses or the Unlimited Developer License