RM4SCC for Word
  • Display RM4SCC for Microsoft Word in Windows OS and Mac OS
  • Integrate with Microsoft Word for Windows Operating systems
  • Support Word 2003, Word 2007, and Word 2010 for Windows
  • Easy to use in Word for Mac OS X
  • Draw module bars in the unit of pixel, cm or inch
  • Mature barcode generation technology since 2003
  • Royalty free
RM4SCC Word Add-In - Brief Introduction

RM4SCC is also called CBC (Customer Bar Code) within Royal Mail.

BusinessRefinery RM4SCC Word Add-In generate and display RM4SCC in Word. It integrates with Operating Systems including Windows and Mac. Word version including Word 2003-2010 for Windows and Word 2004-2010 for Mac are supported. The generated RM4SCC is in high quality.

RM4SCC Word Add-In - Functionality
  • Data:
    • Code: Encode RM4SCC with dynamic data string
  • Size:
    • BarcodeUnit: Support measure units including pixel, cm, and inch
    • Bar Size: Set width and height of bar
    • Symbol Size: Define width and heigh of symbol
    • Margin: Add margins to symbol to enhance symbol readability
  • Human - Readable information:
    • DisplayText: Show or hide human-readable information below symbol
    • TextFont: Set style and size of font, allowing bold, italic, underlined, and strikeouted text

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