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Tutorial to Set Data Matrix Size in VB.NET
VB.NET Data Matrix Generator is one function of Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate, containing a package of .NET DLLs for generating Data Matrix barcode using Visual Basic.NET. It works well with VB class, VB console application, VB control libraries, and Window service applications.
Data Matrix barcode generation and customization with VB.NET Data Matrix Generator is compatible with the latest barcode standard ISO / IEC 16022 (2nd edition 2006-09-15). This article introduces how to use Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate component to adjust your Data Matrix barcode size with VB.NET; others please go to:
Data Matrix Size Related Properties

Data Matrix Format Mode

Sizing property FormatModeis provided by Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate for users to genereate Data Matrix barcode into square patterns (10x10 to 144x144) or rectangular patterns (8x18 to 16x48).

Barcode Unit

Sizing property BarcodeUnit is provided by Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate for users to define the unit measurement (pixel, cm, or inch) to measure all barcode size related properties in Data Matrix barcode.

Quiet Margin

Sizing properties QuietMargin are provided by Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate for users to manage the quiet margin of top, bottom, right and left in Data Matrix barcode.

Module Size

Sizing property Module Size is provided by Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate for users to control the width and height of modules in Data Matrix barcodes.

Barcode Width & Height

Sizing properties BarcodeWidth and BarcodeHeight are provided by Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate for users to set the whole barcode width and height of Data Matrix barcode in accordance with users’ needs.
Customize Data Matrix Barcode Sizes in VB.NET
Make sure that your have installed those programs before you control Data Matrix barcode size in VB.NET:
Customize Data Matrix Barcode Size in VB.NET
Dim barcode As BusinessRefinery.Barcode.DataMatrix = 
New BusinessRefinery.Barcode.DataMatrix()
barcode.Code = "0123456789"

' Change Data Matrix barcode unit measuirement in Pixel, Inch and Cm
barcode.BarcodeUnit = BarcodeUnit.PIXEL

' Create Data Matrix barcode in square or retangular patterns
barcode.FormatMode = DataMatrixFormatMode.Format_104X104

' Specify Data Matrix barcode width & height
barcode.BarcodeHeight = 100
barcode.BarcodeWidth = 500

' Specify the width & height of module in Data Matrix
barcode.ModuleSize= 3

' Control Data Matrix barcode top margin, bottom margin, right margin
and left margin size

barcode.BottomMargin = 7
barcode.TopMargin = 7
barcode.LeftMargin = 5
barcode.RightMargin = 5