BizCode Barcode Generator for .NET Ultimate
The most robust & powerful barcode generating SDK for Microsoft .NET Framework
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Tutorial to Generate Code 128 in VB.NET Library
Code 128 (a.k.a ANSI/AIM 128, ANSI/AIM Code 128, USS Code 128) is a high-density alphanumeric code promoted in 1981. Code 128 provides three encoding types to encode 128 characters according to ASCII.
Code 128 Generator Library for VB.NET is a robust barcode library completely written in VB.NET, which allows developers to generate and create Code 128 barcode in .NET applications. It is compatible with VB .NET IDEs and other development environments in .NET Framework using VB.NET. Source code are provided with purchased developer licenses.
Code 128 Generator for Visual Basic.NET provides a set of options to optimize Code 128 barcode. Users may easily change Code 128 barcode size by adjusting the X dimension, barcode height and width, etc. Besides, multiple image formats are provides for saving Code 128 barcodes, like JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, etc.

With Code 128 Generator for VB.NET, Code 128 barcode generating is compatible with ISO / IEC 15417 (2nd edition 2007-06-01). Here are some user guides for encoding valid data for Code 128, manipulating Code 128 image, and specifying proper size for Code 128.
Code 128 Generator for VB.NET Features
Encodable CharactersSupport to encode:
- Standard ASCII characters 0-127 (default: ISO/IEC 646)
- Extended ASCII characters 128-255 (default: ISO/IEC 8859-1)
ISO barcode SpecificationCode 128 barcode generation in accordance with the latest ISO barcode specification - ISO / IEC 15417 (2nd edition 2007-06-01)
Programming DevelopmentSupport Code 128 generation in .NET Class (VB.NET, VB.NET); .NET Windows Forms Applications and .NET Console Applications
Image & SizeMultiple barcode setting options to customize Code 128 barcode image and size, including module width, image width, color, rotation, resolution, text, etc.
For all printersResolution customizable with DPI setting to print high-quality barcodes with all printers! No special printers or hardware are required
Safe & SecureProvide 100% managed code product created in Visual VB.NET .NET with strong name signatures and signed DLLs
Code 128 Generator for VB.NET Requirements
Windows OS
- Microsoft Windows 7
- Windows Server 2008
- Windows Vista
- Windows Server 2003
- Windows XP
Development Environments
- .NET 2.0/3.0/4.0
- Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010
- VB.NET Windows Forms Application
- VB.NET Class and Console Applications
- VB.NET Web Forms
- VB.NET SSRS and Crystal Report
Install .NET Code 128 Generator in VB.NET
Add Windows Forms Barcode Generating Reference to Your Project
  1. Unzip BizCode Generator for .NET Ultimate package;
  2. Add BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Win.dll to your Winforms project folder;
    (The DLL will be copied to the bin directory automatically)
  3. Then BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Win.dll is added on your .NET Winforms project.
Install .NET Code 128 Generator in VB.NET
Add ASP.NET Barcode Generating Reference to Your Project
  1. Unzip BizCode Generator for .NET Ultimate package;
  2. Add BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Web.dll to you ASP.NET project folder;
    (The DLL will be copied to the bin directory automatically)
  3. Then BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Web.dll is added on your ASP.NET project.
How to Generate Code 128 Barcode Image Using VB.NET Class In .NET?
Copy those following sample codt to your VB.NET projects:
Dim barcode As BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Linear = 
New BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Linear()
barcode.Symbology = BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Symbology.CODE128
barcode.Code = "0123456789"
barcode.Resolution = 104
barcode.Rotate = BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Rotate.Rotate270
barcode.Format = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Gif