BizCode Barcode Generator for Winforms
The most robust & powerful barcode component for Microsoft .NET Windows Forms
Quick Overview
  • Professional barcode control
  • Flexible controls provided
  • Support WinForms projects
  • Linear & 2D barcodes support
  • Winforms Data-binding support
How to Generate EAN-13 in .NET WinForms Library
EAN-13 (a.k.a. European Article Number 13) is a 13 digit (checksum included) barcoding standard. It is a superset of the original 12-digit Universal Product Code (UPC). EAN-13 is used world-widely as GS1 trade item identifier. ISBN and ISSN are publication identifiers based on EAN-13 barcode specification.
.NET Winforms EAN-13 Barcode Generatoris one function of BizCode Generator for Winforms, which is a powerful and reliable barcode generating component, written in C#, VB .NET and add barcode generating and printing features in .NET Windows Forms applications.
EAN-13 Generator for .NET Winforms offers full design-time and runtime support with the development environments. This generator also provides a simple but complete EAN-13 barcode generating guide for developers to use.

As a GS1 barcode, EAN-13 barcode generating is compatible with GS1 General Specification (Version 8). Here are some user guides for encoding valid data for EAN-13, manipulating EAN-13 image, and specifying proper size for EAN-13.
EAN-13 Generator for .NET Winforms Features
Encodable CharactersSupport to encode:
- 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Supplementary BarcodeSupport to encode supplementary barcode EAN-2 & EAN-5 barcode for EAN-13 barcodes
Quick IntegrationEasy to integrate advanced EAN-13generating features into .NET Windows Forms Application & .NET Class and Console Applications
Simple to UseProvide comprehensive sample code & user guide for EAN-13 generation without any change
Full Barcode OptionsMultiple barcode setting options for you to select, including module width, image width, color, rotation, resolution, text, etc.
Check Digit OptionAutomatically add Modulo 10 checksum digit for EAN-13 barcodes
EAN-13 Generator for .NET Winforms Requirements
Windows OS
- Microsoft Windows 7
- Windows Server 2008
- Windows Vista
- Windows Server 2003
- Windows XP
Development Environments
- .NET 2.0/3.0/4.0
- C#, VB.NET, Managed C++, Borland Delphi    for.NET
- Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010
- .NET Windows Forms Application
- .NET Class and Console Applications
Install EAN-13 Generator for .NET Winforms
  1. Download BizCode Generator for Winforms and unzip;
  2. Add reference: Add "BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Win.dll" to your .NET Winforms project reference;
  3. Add to toolbox: To add Barcode Control to your .NET Winforms Web Forms toolbox.
How to Drag & Drop Barcode Control into .NET Winforms projects?
  1. Install .NET Winforms Barcode Control;
  2. Add .NET Winforms Barcode Control onto your .NET Visual Studio Toolbox;
  3. Drag and drop the WinLinearBarcode control into the Forms;
  4. You will see a barcode image generated; more EAN-13 barcode setting please see below.
How to Generate EAN-13 with C#, VB.NET Class in .NET Winforms?
Copy those following sample code to your .NET Winforms projects:
using BusinessRefinery.Barcode;

Linear barcode = new Linear();
barcode.Symbology = Symbology.EAN13;
barcode.Code = "012345678901";
barcode.Resolution = 104;
barcode.Rotate = Rotate.Rotate180;
barcode.Format = ImageFormat.Gif;
Dim barcode As BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Linear = 
New BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Linear()
barcode.Symbology = BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Symbology.EAN13
barcode.Code = "012345678901"
barcode.Resolution = 104
barcode.Rotate = BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Rotate.Rotate270
barcode.Format = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Gif