BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Excel
The most professional and unique barcode solution for Microsoft Excel
Quick Overviews
  • Mature barcode plug-in
  • No Programming Skills
  • MS-Excel 2007/2010
  • Linear & 2D barcode support
  • Barcodes freely adjustable
RM4SCC Excel Plug-In Download, Install & Use
RM4SCC, also called CBC (Customer Bar Code) within Royal Mail, is a linear barcode which has variable data length. It is widely used by the Royal Mail for its Cleanmail service and enables UK postcodes as well as Delivery Point Suffixes to be easily read by a machine at high speed.
RM4SCC Add-In for Excel is an advanced, effective barcode generator which inserts RM4SCC barcode in Microsoft Office Excel documents in the highest possible quality. It can be installed in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and 2010 versions easily.
With RM4SCC Add-In for Excel, users who do not know any programming knowledge can create high quality RM4SCC barcodes in Excel documents easily and quickly.
RM4SCC Add-In for Excel Features
MS Excel Version Seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and 2010 versions
Multiple Usage
  • Both a single RM4SCC barcode and a barcode list can be generated easily and quickly
  • Easy to link a barcode to a cell
Encodable Characters
  • Numeric digits from 0 to 9
  • Uppercase letters from A-Z
Human-Readable Text Displaying the encoded data in barcode image is optional
Adjustable Image The parameters of the created images can be adjusted freely in barcode settings panel
For All Printers The generated RM4SCC barcodes are compatible with all printers
RM4SCC Add-In for Excel Requirements
Windows OS & .NET
Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/XP/Vista, Windows Installer 3.1, VSTO 3.0 Runtime sp1, and .NET Framework 3.5 sp1.
Microsoft Office
Compatible with Microsoft Office Excel Workbook 2007; Microsoft Office Excel Workbook 2010.
Install RM4SCC Add-In for Excel
  1. All Excel documents should be closed before installation;
  2. Download and unzip BizCode Add-In for Microsoft Excel;
  3. Double click the setup file "setup.exe";
  4. Open a new Excel document and click "Install" in a pop-up window;
  5. Now a tab called "Add-Ins" is placed in the Excel menu bar.
How to Create RM4SCC Barcode in MS Excel?
  1. Start a new Excel document after installation;
  2. Click "Add-Ins" tab and "Barcode Settings" panel pops up on the right;
  3. Select "RM4SCC" in "Barcode Type" and type valid data in the box under "Data";
  4. Click "Generate" button to finish the barcode generation;
  5. Users can adjust the properties of the created barcode in "Barcode Settings";
  6. After revision, click "Update" button and the barcode is updated successfully!
How to Draw a Barcode List in MS Excel?
  1. Click "Add-Ins" and a barcode setting panel appears on the right;
  2. Choose a list of cells in the document;
  3. Input valid RM4SCC barcode data in those cells and then select them all;
  4. Choose "RM4SCC" in "Barcode Type" pull-down menu;
  5. Click "Generate" button and you see a list of barcodes on the document.
How to Link a Barcode with a Cell in MS Excel?
  1. Insert a RM4SCC barcode and click "Link To Cell" in "Barcode Settings";
  2. Select a cell with valid RM4SCC barcode data and click "Update";
  3. Now the barcode image is linked to the data in the cell;
  4. A couple of barcodes that are linked to different cells can be updated at one time;
  5. To achieve this function, make sure all the barcodes are linked to different cells;
  6. Revise the data in those cells and click "Update Link To Cell" button;
  7. Now all the barcodes are updated all together!