• Professional C#.NET solution for creating, rendering Identcode barcode in C#.NET programs
  • Easy to integrate into Microsoft Visual Studio and other C#.NET development environment
  • Equipped 50+ barcode settings to customize drawn Identcode barcode
  • Absolute support to manage wide bar to narrow bar of Identcode barcode
  • Minimum Identcode knowledge with complete developer guide in C#.NET
  • Support the width and height setting of the whole Identcode image
Installation of .NET Barcode Generator in C# .NET
  1. Add BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Win.dll or BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Web.dll to your .NET project reference
  2. Add .NET Barcode Generator .NET Windows Control Library to .NET Visual Studio Toolbox
Setting Identcode Barcode Size in C#.NET
C# Identcode barcode provides a set of barcode size settings to specify you Identcode barcodes. Please download C# barcode component and install, copy those following code to your Visual Studio:
     Linear barcode = new Linear();
     barcode.Symbology = Symbology.IDENTCODE;
     barcode.Code = "9876543210";



BarcodeUnit is a unit of measure for all size related properties.
     barcode.BarcodeUnit = BarcodeUnit.PIXEL;

Identcode Barcode Width Related Settings


BarWidth is the bar module width, which is also called X dimension.
     barcode.BarWidth = 5;

BarcodeWidth is the Identcode barcode image width.
     barcode.BarcodeWidth = 200;
Left & Right Margin

LeftMargin is used to modify generated barcode image left margin.
RightMargin is used to modify generated barcode image right margin.
     barcode.LeftMargin = 3;
     barcode.RightMargin = 5;

Identcode Barcode Height Related Settings


BarHeight is the Identcode bar module height, which is also called Y dimension.
     barcode.BarHeight = 5;

BarRatio is the wide vs narrow bar width ratio.
     barcode.BarRatio = 2.5f;

BarcodeHeight is the Identcode barcode image height.
     barcode.BarcodeHeight = 150;
Top & Bottom Margin

TopMargin is used for specifying generated barcode image top margin.
BottomMargin is used for specifying generated barcode image bottom margin.
     barcode.TopMargin = 3;
     barcode.BottomMargin = 5;
Text Margin

TextMargin is the space between barcode and barcode text.
     barcode.TextMargin = 20;
Text Font

TextFont is used for customizing drawn barcode value text font style.
     barcode.TextFont = new FontStyle("Arial", Font.PLAIN, 11);

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