• Easy to generate Postnet barcode image
  • Create and stream images to Class library, Control library, and Console Applications
  • Easily integrate dynamic Postnet images into .NET applications with Visual Basic
  • Support multiple Postnet formats including Gif, Png, Jpeg, Tiff, and Bitmap
  • Postnet image background color, foreground color and text color are valid to be set to red, black, red, yellow and so on
  • All printed Postnet images are compatible with the latest Postnet barcode specifications
  • The Postnet image resolution can be set to meet your need
Business Refinery provides more infomation about Postnet barcode setting on VB.NET project:
Postnet VB.NET Generator FAQ

1. What VB.NET Development Environment could Postnet VB.NET Generator integrate?

  • ASP.NET Postnet Barcode Generator
  • .NET Postnet Barcode for Winforms
  • .NET Postnet Barcode Generator Controls
All of the above .NET development environment can written in Visual Basic with Console application, Class library, and Control library developed in Visual VB .NET are supported. Web server applications that could be developed in Visual VB IDEs could also be equipped with Postnet VB.NET Generator.

2. How to Setup Postnet VB.NET Generator?

If you want to know the details on how to install the Postnet VB.NET generator, please follow the steps for Postnet VB.NET Generator Setup Process.

3. How to Customize the Valid Image Formats?

All common-used image formats are valid for generating high quality Postnet images with Postnet VB.NET generator:


For how to set the image format, please encode the following code when you want draw a Postnet image with your needed format.

barcode.Format = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Gif()


4. How to Customize the Resolution of the Postnet Image?

When you need to change the resolution of Postnet image inDPI in the VB.NET projects, please set as below:

// the default value of Postnet in VB.NET is 72

barcode.Resolution = 72;

5. How to Customize the Color of the Postnet Image?

VB.NET Postnet Barcode Generator cannot only generate Postnet images with white background color, black foreground color and black text color. You can create colorful Postnet images in your professional VB.NET applications.

// the default color of Postnet image background color is white

barcode.BackColor = red;

// the default color of Postnet image foreground color is black

barcode.ForeColor = black;

// the default color of Postnet text background color is black

barcode.TextColor = black;

6. How to Customize the Postnet barcode position in the Image?

Some packaging methods may require special considerations for Postnet symbol placement. Bar Alignment and Rotation can be set the change the Postnet barcode placement.

// Postnet horizontal alignment inside the image. 0:left; 1:center; 2:right. Default is 1.

barcode.BarAlignment = 1 (center);

// Invert the generated Postnet image in VB.NET projects.Rotate0; Rotate90; Rotate180; Rotate270. Default is Rotate0.

barcode.Rotate = BusinessRefinery.Barcode.Rotate.Rotate0

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