• Create ISSN barcode images in Developer, Standard, and Enterprise editions of SSRS
  • ISSN barcode image generator Custom Report Item (CRI)
  • Easy-to-use in web services interface of reporting services
  • Inherit your custom reporting applications with ISSN generation features
  • Supports reports in Excel, PDF, as well as Word Document
  • Support two-digit and five-digit supplement barcode
  • Microsoft Reporting Services 2005 & 2008 are supported
  • Integrate with ASP.NET ReportViewer web control and ReportViewer Windows Forms control
ISSN Generator Custom Report Item - Brief Introduction

BusinessRefinery ISSN generator is a CRI for report development in SSRS. The ISSN generator integrate well with web service interface, and could also be used with Report Definition Language (RDL), an XML markup language.

ISSN in SQL Server Reporting Services encode data within ISSN Character Set. The data encoded could be stored and retrieved through server-side reports. Reports with ISSN could be generated in Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, TIFF, and HTML Web Archive.

ISSN Generator CRI generate ISSN with high quality in enterprise reports developed in SQL Server Reporting Services.
ISSN Generator Custom Report Item - Setup


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Download SSRS Barcode Generator CRI Trial

System Requirement

  • Royalty Free Redistribution
  • .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 & later version Installed
  • Microsoft Reporting Services 2005 & 2008 Installed

Setup Process

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