2D Barcode
Linear Barcode
Leitcode is also known as Deutsche Post Leitcode barcode, CodeLeitcode, Deutsche Post AG (DHL). Leitcode barcode symbology is based on the Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode. The Leitcode Barcode is a numeric only, discrete linear barcode. Encoding length of Leitcode Barcode symbology is 13 digits long with one checksum digit. The checksum digit is calculated automatically by employing the Modulo 10 method. It is used by the German Post (Deutsche Post AG) (Deutsche Frachtpost) in freight post system to track and mail packages. The value encoded in the Leitcode barcode symbology indicates the destination of the packages.
Structure of Leitcode Barcode Symbology
Leitcode barcode symbology is used for mailing routing by German Post. It encodes 13 digits plus 1 check digit. Structure of Leitcode barcode symbology is composed of the 4 parts and should be the structure below:
  • The first 5 digits encoded is the Postal code
  • Following 3 digits indicates the ID of street
  • Next following 3 digits indicates the House No.
  • Last 2 digits encoded is the product code
  • Last one is the check digit calculated automatically
Encoding Data of Leitcode Barcode Symbology
Valid character set of Identcode Barcode is 10 numeric characters ranges from 0 to 9.
Barcode Generation of Leitcode Barcode Symbology
Leitcode Barcode Symbology could be easily added in many applications as win forms, ASP.NET, Reporting Service, Crystal report and many others by using .Net or Java platform. Just follow the steps to generate barcode.
  • First setting property of the Leitcode Barcode Symbology and DeutschePost
  • Second setting the barcode property including width and height property of bar, BarRatio property, width property of the QuirtZone, top and bottom margin property
  • Setting code property of the Leitcode Barcode Symbology. It should be the structure demonstrated above. Length of it should be 13 digits long plus one checksum digit.
  • Set the first 5 digits as code for the Postal code
  • Set barcode image property including barcode image width, image height and image format (GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.)
Leitcode Barcode Symbology Checksum Computing
Checksum digit is necessary for preventing scanning errors. Leitcode barcode symbology Barcode employs Modulo 10 calculation method like Interleaved 2 of 5. Follow the steps to compute the checksum digit:
  1. Find the right-most digit of the Leitcode Barcode Symbology, assigned it to the odd position. Put the following data with assigned position of even.
  2. Put the following digits in sequence from right to left of the Leitcode Barcode Symbology. From the right most to the left, it will follow the odd-even-odd sequence.
  3. Multiply value with the weighted value 4 of the digits in odd position.
  4. Multiply value with weighted value 9 of the digits in even position.
  5. Sum all the results.
  6. Add a number to plus the result which helps the summary result be evenly divided by 10. The number added is the checksum digit.
Note: If summary calculated of the message could be evenly divided by 10. Checksum is "0".
Thus the checksum digit of Leitcode barcode symbology (1234561234561) will be computed as 4*(1+5+3+1+5+3+1)=76 9*(+2+4+6+2+4+6)=126
Total will be 202, number 8 must be add to be make 110 even divieded by 10. Number 8 is the checksum digit.