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An additional task when planning the data store is deciding on a direct (direct to the database) or indirect (through an intermediary server) communication model. This is determined by the type of database you choose for the data store and the size of your environment. Here are some points to keep in mind: If you are in a large-farm environment, have a mission-critical farm, or are using Oracle, SQL, or DB2 as the database for your data store, Citrix recommends accessing the data store directly. If you are in small to medium-sized environment and you are using SQL Server 2005 Express or Microsoft Access as the database for your data store, each server in the farm must access the data store indirectly.
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For more information about Mozilla Firefox 3 and how it delivers an easier, faster, and safer online experience, visit Mozilla Firefox 3 is available now for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems as a free download from
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14.2.3 Switched networks
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Where gabions are used as countermeasures, they will be over laid by a soil layer, and vegetation grown for resisting erosion during oods. Use precautionary measures to keep the river water clean, such as the use of a turbidity dam and silt fence and traf c control during construction. This way DEP underwater construction permit requirements are fully followed with minimum impact on plant and marine life. Table of estimate of quantities shows actual pay and standard items. If an appropriate method of construction is adopted there will be fewer constructability issues. Changes in structural details during the long construction process may be necessary due to unforeseen eld conditions such as the occurrence of different soils. Coordination between design and construction teams is essential for answering requests for information (RFIs) and issue agreed design change notices (DCNs) as revisions to contract drawings to nish work within the construction schedule. For delicate repairs a more stringent quality control (QC) procedure may be necessary.
delegate T Invert<T>(T v);
one important way: it provides instance methods and properties rather than static methods to perform file operations. Therefore, if you will be performing several file operations on the same file, then FileInfo might offer a more efficient solution.
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Notice that count is a local variable declared in Main( ) that is initialized to zero. Next, a loop is started that calls kevt.OnKeyPress( ) when a key is pressed. This causes the registered event handlers to be notified. When the loop ends, the number of keypresses is displayed. Although quite simple, this example illustrates the essence of event handling. The same basic approach will be used for other event handling situations. Of course, in some cases, anonymous event handlers will not be appropriate and named methods will need to be employed.
char p[10];
Related Functions
TCP involves the exchange of data streams between a client and a server. This exchange is accomplished through the establishment of a connection. The application at a client decides that it needs to exchange some data with an application at a server. The client application sends data to TCP, where the data is buffered. TCP constructs a TCP segment, including the source and destination port numbers, a sequence number (which is a random number, such as 2,000), the window size, and optionally the maximum segment size. TCP sets the SYN flag to 1 and sends the segment to the far end, as shown in Figure 2-9. The server receives the segment and responds with a segment of its own. This segment includes the window size, the maximum segment size, a random sequence number of its own (such as 4,000), and an acknowledgement number, which is one greater than the received sequence number (2,001 in our example). The segment has the SYN and ACK flags set. The client issues another segment containing a sequence number equal to the original sequence number plus 1 (that is, the same as the acknowledgment number received, which is 2,001 in our example). The acknowledgment number in the segment is 1 plus the sequence number received from the server (such as 4,001). The client also sets the ACK flag. At this point, the TCP connection is open, and both ends are ready to exchange media. If the client were to now send a segment, it would contain a sequence number of 2,001 and an acknowledgment number of 4,001. During a connection, a server or client will acknowledge the segments received. It is not necessary, however, that every received segment be individually acknowledged. Nor is it necessary for a sender to wait until a given segment is acknowledged before sending another segment. It is only necessary that a given segment is acknowledged before a timeout occurs at the sender of that segment. For example, let us assume that a client sends 3 segments with segment numbers 100, 200, and 300. Let us also assume that the third of these segDownloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
One could say that privacy is at odds with security. The better we can verify who the calling party is, the more secure our Web (Extranet). The trick is to verify identity without compromising or appearing to compromise the privacy of our customers. This is a double-edged sword. You need the tools to maintain info about your visitors to verify their identity, but these tools can also be abused. In an attempt to improve security on the Web and to facilitate tracking down hackers, Intel put a serial number in each chip that could be read by browsers (any software really). Thus, we could track the users of the machine as they visited various Web sites if the browser put that number in each transaction. Although much excitement was created over tracking individuals, remember some machines have multiple users. Therefore, we really only know which computer visited the site. That is okay for tracking hackers (how many times does a burglar sneak into the house to use the Internet connection ), but it is insufficient for tracking purchasing profiles. The privacy advocates Primary Information Center and Junk Busters lead the attack against this invasion of privacy. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has developed a platform for Primary Preferences Project (P3P). The intent is to build an industry-wide mechanism for controlling privacy information. The goal is that the Web site publicly publishes its privacy control mechanisms to every browser that visits the site. The site s privacy practices profile might define what data they collect and what their rules are for passing (selling ) that data to other marketing entities. (The obvious question is what is the enforcement mechanism for this policy What assurances do we, the customer, have that it is being followed ) Here is where we as a site provider must engender confidence and trust. When configuring your browser, you specify or set up the preferences for privacy practices that you expect from the sites you visit. You also fill in a user profile that stores some or all of your personal data. These data are then sent to Web sites whose privacy practices match your privacy practices profile that you set up. These data could include email addresses, name, billing information, and personal preferences in clothing, music, food, hobbies, and so on. Our privacy profile might include the conditions under which we permit our data to be shared, sold, or used. We could specify the other types of sites with whom we would permit our data to be shared. P3P is really a plan to create a common protocol between the browser and the Web site (server) to collect and exchange privacy data. It defines the structure and words that define privacy practices. It also defines a protocol used for exchanging these data between browser and server. Thus, the privacy data is only transferred if the privacy profile set by the user matches the practices published by the site. Both Netscape and Microsoft intend to support the P3P standard.
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