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LAN Ethernet was most lacking in the area of standardized management; consequently, this has been the focus of considerable work in Ethernet s transformation to Carrier Ethernet. Specifically, Ethernet OAM has had to be developed from the ground up. The developments in this area are discussed at some length; Table 2.6 notes some of the developments in the standards bodies. MEF 7 focuses on standardizing for Service Provider Element and Network Management Systems (EMS/NMS) to provision, configure, and fault manage Carrier Ethernet services. It also defines OAM at the Ethernet services layer; however, it does not define OAM at the transport link/network layers, and it complements the work done in the ITU, IEEE, and IETF at the transport data-link and network layers based on G.809. MEF 7 also provides a framework and concepts for managing and monitoring flows across an end-to-end connectionless network, and it also provides mechanisms to perform node discovery, establish connectivity, monitor CoS, and detect service impairments. One of the key prerequisites to wide-scale Ethernet service deployment in Service Provider networks is a comprehensive Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) capability. The need to support hundreds of thousands of customers who are already accustomed to the fairly stringent SLAs for ATM, Frame Relay, and private line services means that significant new management capabilities are necessary for Carrier Ethernet; Ethernet has traditionally been weak in this respect and the relatively lower demands for OAM within an enterprise LAN (often within a building) were easily
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TIP If your data file is a spreadsheet, use Microsoft Excel s capability to create a named range first.
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// Parts of the for can be empty. using System; class Empty { static void Main() { int i;
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// **** demonstrate remove_copy **** cout << "Input sequence:\n"; for(i=0; i<v.size(); i++) cout << v[i]; cout << endl; // remove all spaces remove_copy(v.begin(), v.end(), v2.begin(), ' '); cout << "Result after removing spaces:\n"; for(i=0; i<v2.size(); i++) cout << v2[i]; cout << endl << endl; // **** now, demonstrate replace_copy **** cout << "Input sequence:\n"; for(i=0; i<v.size(); i++) cout << v[i]; cout << endl; // replace spaces with colons replace_copy(v.begin(), v.end(), v2.begin(), ' ', ':'); cout << "Result after replacing spaces with colons:\n"; for(i=0; i<v2.size(); i++) cout << v2[i]; cout << endl << endl;
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Here is the output from this program:
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Introduction to Business Intelligence
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The TCP/IP Suite of Protocols
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