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Robert Ellis Smith agrees, noting that, In most cases, biometric technology is impersonal (Smith 1996). At the same time, as the technology improves, its use may become more ubiquitous, and individuals may find that they are required to provide a biometric identifier in unexpected, unwelcome, or unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, you cannot simply make up a biometric as you can a name, an address, or a phone number. In this sense, perhaps, the loss of anonymity leads to an inevitable loss of individual autonomy. Biometrics should not really be blamed for the fact that there is less individual anonymity in society today than in decades or centuries past, however. Rather, far larger economic, political, and technological forces have been at work. America s transformation from an agrarian to industrial to post-industrial service (or information age ) economy, combined with the massive growth of government since the New Deal of the 1930s, have put a greater premium on the need for information about individuals and organizations. At the same time, technical advances have made it much easier and more convenient to collect, compile, and keep extensive information on individuals. This information-centric trend takes place because in the Information Age information has great value as a commodity. The computer, the enabler of info-centrism, has helped make information a valuable commodity because it can process large amounts of personal information from large numbers of people in little time and at low cost. While a biometric identifier is an accurate identifier, it is not the first nor the only identifier used to match or locate information about a person. Names and numerical identifiers such as social security numbers, account numbers, and military service numbers have long been used to access files with personal information. Moreover, the impressive search capabilities of computer systems with their abilities to search, for example, the full text of stored documents, make identifiers far less important for locating information about an individual. We also should not lose sight of the fact that there is usually a good reason why individual recognition in the form of identification or verification is needed. Balancing the equities involved and depending on the case, the benefits to the individual as well as to society of establishing a person s identity generally outweigh the costs of losing anonymity. For example, given the massive problem of missing and abused children, many citizens would eagerly support the idea of day care providers using biometrics to make certain that our children get released at the end of the day to a parent or guardian whose identity has been verified. However, reasonable people can disagree as to the cost-benefit analysis. Similarly, to consider a pocketbook example, the world s financial community has long been concerned about growing problems of ATM fraud and unauthorized account access, estimated to cost $500 million a year, check fraud at least $2 billion, and credit card fraud about $1.5 billion per year. The financial services industry believes that a significant percentage of these losses could be eliminated by the use of biometrics, by ensuring that only the authorized account
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FIGURE 26-11
The OSPF router with the highest priority becomes the DR for the segment. If there is a tie, the router with the highest router ID (not IP address on the segment) will become the DR. By default, all routers have a priority of 1 (priorities can range from 0 to 255 it s an 8-bit value). If the DR fails, the BDR is promoted to DR and another router is elected as the BDR. Figure 20-2 shows an example of the election process, where router E is elected as the DR and router B, the BDR. Note that in this example, each router has the default priority, 1; therefore, router E is chosen as the DR since it has the highest router ID and router B as the BDR because it has the second highest router ID. If a router has a priority of 0, it will never become the DR or BDR.
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someone handle the entire conversion for you, you can convert to an electric vehicle for a very attractive price compared to buying a new EV.
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