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As mentioned previously, RTP comes with a companion control protocol, RTCP. This protocol enables the periodic exchange of control information between session participants, with the main goal of providing qualityrelated feedback. This feedback can be used to detect and potentially correct distribution problems. By using RTCP and IP multicast, a third party (such as a network operator who is not a session participant per se) can monitor session quality and detect network problems. RTCP defines five different types of RTCP packets:
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Coaching Overview
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Viewing Distance
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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Use a parameter with an anonymous method.
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% of column longitudinal steel area Framing factor 1, 1.25, 1.5, or 2 according to number of columns and end conditions max. transverse column dimension Factor to reduce susceptibility to shear failure 1, 2, or 3 depending on acceleration coef cient, skew, redundancy, and steel grade.
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Good communications are the alpha and omega of production. Treat your team with respect if you expect the same back. Make a point of going to the pub (or whatever) with your team every now and then: no matter how approachable you make yourself at work, there are always important things that you will only be told after a couple of pints. Kim Blake, Producer, Particle Systems
A recurring question is whether to model any of the temporary unseen work of the project. This work can include the trenches for underground utilities (and the soil piles next to the trenches), the formwork for concrete, or scaffolding for construction, construction trailers, lay-down areas for structural steel, waste collection facilities, etc. Modeling these types of objects is often useful for the visualization of site utilization, safety issues, installation clearances and sequences, etc. The level of detail of an object is not exactly the same as the level of complexity of an object. The detail mostly refers to the accuracy of the model object in relation to the actual real construction component; the more detailed a component is, the more realistic it will appear. The level of complexity generally refers to the nature of the information contained or linked to the object. A floor system could be represented by a simple slab that contains very complex attached information; information regarding formwork, its division into various areas for concrete placement, or steel reinforcing specifications could all be linked to the slab object. If we created the floor from several components that all together created the floor object, it would be very detailed even though it might not have complex information attached to it. Fabrication models are the best examples of models that clearly contain objects that may be both very detailed and complex. When a very high level of detail and complexity is necessary in a specific area, it may be possible to
Part Description RadioShack #
I notice that the C# preprocessor directives have many similarities with the preprocessor directives supported by C and C++. Furthermore, in C/C++, I know that you can use #define to perform textual substitutions, such as defining a name for a value, and to create function-like macros. Does C# support these uses of #define No. In C#, #define is used only to define a symbol.
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
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