FIGURE 5.8 Identification Dependency Example in Software

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When you create a selection with the Polygonal Lasso tool, you click to define each point of the selection. Photoshop Elements then connects the points to define the boundary of the selection.
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// Restricting function throw types. #include <iostream> using namespace std; // This function can only throw ints, chars, and doubles. void Xhandler(int test) throw(int, char, double) { if(test==0) throw test; // throw int if(test==1) throw 'a'; // throw char if(test==2) throw 123.23; // throw double } int main() { cout << "start\n"; try{ Xhandler(0); // } catch(int i) { cout << "Caught } catch(char c) { cout << "Caught } catch(double d) { cout << "Caught } cout << "end"; return 0; }
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CHAPTER 29: Adding URL Behavior
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SOLUTION The area is given by the improper integral
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The Assignment Operator
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Handling Exceptions Thrown by new
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An enumeration is a set of named integer constants. Enumerations are common in everyday life. For example, an enumeration of the coins used in the United States is penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, dollar
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using System.IO;
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Automating Tasks and Visual Basic for Applications
Beyond informal representation of business rules, documentation plays an important role in resolving questions about a specification and in communicating the design to others. In the process of revising an ERD, you should carefully document inconsistency and incom pleteness in a specification. A large specification typically contains many points of incon sistency and incompleteness. Recording each point allows systematic resolution through additional requirements-gathering activities. A s an example o f inconsistency, the water utility requirements would be inconsistent if one part indicated that a meter is associated with one customer, but another part stated that a meter can be associated with multiple customers. In resolving an inconsistency, a user can indicate that the inconsistency is an exception. In this example, a user may indicate the cir cumstances in which a meter can be associated with multiple customers. The designer must decide on the resolution in the E R D such as permitting multiple customers for a meter, allowing a second responsible customer, or prohibiting more than one customer. The designer should carefully document the resolution o f each inconsistency, including a justi fication for the chosen solution. A s an incompleteness example, the narrative does not specify the minimum cardinality for a meter in the Uses relationship of Figure 6.2. The designer should gather additional re quirements to resolve the incomplete specification. Incomplete parts of a specification are c o m m o n for relationships as complete specification involves two sets of cardinalities. It is easy to omit a relationship cardinality in an initial specification.
We d be remiss if we just did the cloud computing cheerleader thing, suggesting you could use it for absolutely everything. The fact of the matter is there are plenty of cases where cloud computing may not be appropriate, for any reason ranging from cost to hardware requirements to simply not needing it.
SortedList<string, int> users = new SortedList<string, int>(StringComparer.Ordinal);
When a script is finished, it remains idle until the scripts on all sessions are complete. The next iteration is then launched, adding 10 more sessions to the test. Iterations are continued to a predetermined maximum number of users. The ICAMark score is calculated by comparing a calibration value of the script time with the time gathered during the iteration. The calibration value was determined by running the scripts with a single user. Typical results for the Heavy User profile show that session response time drops due to a lack of CPU resources.
You can create a read-only field in a class by declaring it as readonly. A readonly field can be given a value only by using an initializer when it is declared or by assigning it a value within a constructor. Once the value has been set, it can t be changed outside the constructor. Thus, a readonly field is a good way to create a fixed value that has its value set by a constructor. For example, you might use a readonly field to represent an array dimension that is used frequently throughout a program. Both static and non-static readonly fields are allowed.
photographing a vast landscape of plains and mountains. Set your camera to landscape mode. Or, if you can manually adjust the camera, choose aperture priority mode and the smallest
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