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6. Mn As fy (ds a/2) 7. Minimum reinforcement required to develop Mr Lesser of 1.2 Mcr or 1.33 Mu (LRFD Mn Eq. (6-4) Mr 1.2 Mcr 1.2 (fr fpb) Sbc Md,,nc (Sbc / Sb 1) (LRFD Sbc I/ yt fpb 0 (no prestress) Md,,nc 0 (non-composite dead load moment) 8. Critical section for shear (LRFD Effective shear depth dv Mn / (As fy fps Aps) (LRFD Maximum of 0.9 de and 0.72 h LRFD Eq. (C5-9) or distance between resultants of tensile and compressive forces. Compute dead load shear VDC and VDW Vn Vc Vs Vc 0.0316 bv dv (fc )0.5 Vs dv Cot (As fy)
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Solution: This has got to be an odd looking curve. Start by looking a where the curve crosses the axes. At t x = O , y = - 2 andat y = O , x = 4 . Oneotherpoint, x = 1 , y = -1 , is sufficient, along with the points where the curve crosses the axes, to sketch in the curve as shown in Fig. 7-8.
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Suppose that f and g are functions and that the domain of g contains the range of f . This means that if x is in the domain of f then f (x) makes sense but also g may be applied to f (x) (Fig. 1.46). The result of these two operations, one following the other, is called g composed with f or the composition of g with f . We write (g f )(x) = g(f (x)).
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public static int GetGeneration(object obj) public static int GetGeneration(WeakReference wo) public static long GetTotalMemory(bool forceFullCollection) public static void KeepAlive(object obj)
LAB 16.1
The Privacy Act (U.S.C. 552a(b)) prohibits a federal agency from disclos[ing] any record which is contained in a system of records by any means of communication to any person, or to another agency, except pursuant to a written request by, or with the prior written consent of, the individual to whom the record pertains . This provision is known as the No Disclosure Without Consent Rule. While the No Disclosure Without Consent Rule applies, the Privacy Act contains 12 enumerated exceptions to this rule. The Intra-Agency Need to Know Exception This exception applies when officers and employees of the federal agency maintaining the record have a need for the record in the performance of their duties. The Required Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Disclosure Exception This exception provides that the Privacy Act cannot be used to prohibit a disclosure that the FOIA requires. The Routine Use Exception As for disclosure of a record, a routine use means the use of such record for a purpose which is compatible with the purpose for which it was collected. The Privacy Act requires that the federal agency publish in the Federal Register each routine use of the records contained in the system, including the categories of users and the purpose of such use. Thus, the federal government agency must satisfy two requirements for a proper routine use disclosure: the routine use must be compatible and constructive notice must be given by publication of the agency s routine use in the Federal Register. According to OMB, compatibility encompasses functionally equivalent uses and other uses that are necessary and proper. The federal judiciary has not settled on a uniform interpretation of compatibility. For example, in 1993,42 the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia adopted a broadly construed common usage requiring only that a proposed disclosure would not actually frustrate the purposes for which the information was gathered. 43 On the other hand, in 1989, the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit put forth a narrower construction: a concrete relationship or similarity, some meaningful degree of convergence, between the disclosing agency s purpose in gathering the information and its disclosure. 44 In cases where the federal judiciary must determine the legality of a federal agency s routine use, the judiciary gives deference to the federal government agency s construction of its routine use. Two important types of compatible routine uses frequently occur in the law enforcement context. First, in the context of investigations and prosecutions,
You shouldn t be expected to configure anything within SDM; however, you should be familiar with the configuration sections available: Interfaces and Connections, Firewall and ACL, VPN, Security Audit, Routing, NAT,
491 Maple Street Danvers, MA 01923 Phone: 508 777 4747
Router(config)# ipv6 host hostname [port_#] ipv6_address1 [ipv6_address2 ] Router(config)# ip name-server DNS_server_IPv6_address
900 North State Street, Suite 101 Lockport, IL 60441 (630) 243-9100 Fax: (630) 685-4054 NetGain Technologies, LLC is the exclusive worldwide distributor of WarP , ImPulse , and TransWarP electric motors for use in electric vehicles and electric vehicle conversions. These powerful electric motors may also be used in the conversion of conventional internal combustion engine vehicles to hybrid gas/electric or electricassist vehicles. Their motors are manufactured in Frankfort, Illinois by Warfield Electric Motor Company.
frame-relay lmi command displays LMI interaction between the router and the switch.The debug frame-relay lmi command displays the actual LMI messages.
12.5.1 Types of Countermeasures in Use
In the absence of an optical wireless mesh solution, the only feasible method of providing more than 10 Mbps of Ethernet service in a metro environment is by means of extending the reach of fiber to every building to be served. The building of such fiber extension takes a few months of planning, permits, and actual deployment. Besides the time and the lost opportunity cost, the cost of laying fiber to each service point can range from $50,000 to $120,000. Therefore, in the absence of alternate solutions, the cost of trying to deliver Ethernet services can be staggering. With the deployment of optical wireless mesh networking, the cost can be significantly lower. Consider an identical scenario of trying to deliver Ethernet services in a metro environment by means of fiber extension ; the up-front capital expenditure incurred per service point can be lowered to close to $10,000. Provided the presence of a fiber at one location (POP), the cost of extending the service by one hop to a neighboring building can be achieved by means of an FSO link and Ethernet service capable switching equipment located at the service point. The cost of such a switch can be less than $5,000 since the number of ports needed for such switches is fairly low. The cost of an FSO link can also be less than $10, 000. (This assumes that the distance between the POP and service point is less than a few hundred meters so that FSO links designed for short-range operation can be used. FSO links deployed over more than a few hundred meters may not provide the kind of resiliency demanded by service providers. However, even if FSO systems capable of longer ranges were deployed, the overall cost per service point would not be significantly higher). Therefore, the upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX) of extending the fiber-like services to a new service point can be less than $15,000 per service point. From each service point, services can be further extended to more service points for additional upfront CAPEX of less than $15,000 for each added service point. This cost is almost an order of magnitude less than the cost of extending fiber-grade, as discussed previously. The cost as well as the manageability of the network can be further improved by using optical wireless mesh equipment instead of integrating different equipment as discussed in the preceding section. Such mesh equipment consists of multiple FSO links and a switching engine integrated in a single package, reducing overall cost and simplifying manageability.
StdSSN M o d 97
fill to medium. Notice the markers change position to match the tile size.
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