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Service Attribute Values and Parameters
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7.221 The FCC regards the system leakage tests as extremely important. In the past, it was feared that cable signal leakage occurring in the air-safety and navigation frequency bands could constitute a hazard to air safety. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pressured the FCC, which in turn pressured cable operators to clean up their plant. Although it is extremely doubtful that any serious conditions are caused by cable system leakage, some cable operators reported fewer plant problems and service calls when the leakage problems were xed. Many cable operators have taken advantage of equipment made speci cally for nding cable system leaks. Essentially, a transmitter with an easily recognizable audio tone is placed in the headend and combined with the television signals. Receivers in the service trucks can monitor this frequency, which aids in nding the source. These receivers are sensitive and can pick up leakage from the pole plant. Once the area of the leak is found, technical personnel with hand-held receivers pinpoint the problem. An ongoing leakage control program integrated with the maintenance program means that passing the cumulative leakage test for proof of performance is likely to happen. The accepted method for CLI testing, however, is done with a dipole antenna and a signal-level meter. This procedure is discussed in 2. The leakage speci cations are given in Table 7-2. Most cable systems use the on-the-ground testing methods for monitoring and repairing system leaks. However, some large systems covering many areas may elect to do an aerial test. The aerial test is generally administered by speci c contractors, who have aircraft out tted with monitoring equipment and special antennas. This method is known as a yover method. Some cable operators feel that this is a more realistic
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Whereas dashboards present multiple numbers in different ways, a scorecard focuses on a given metric and compares it to a target. In analyzing performance versus the target, a scorecard may provide a strategy map (see Figure 1-6) and track accountability. Scorecard products are often certified by the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative. Business Objects offers Dashboard Manager as a dashboarding solution and Performance Manager as a scorecard solution (not to be confused with Performance Management Applications! J). Across the industry, a dashboard solution can be anything, including a complex document you create in Web Intelligence or Crystal Reports, a customized portal such as My InfoView, or a more robust solution such as Dashboard Manager (see Figure 1-7). Where Dashboard Manager is most different from a complex document is that it has several integrated analytic engines (Segmentation, Metrics, Rules and Alerts, Predictive, and Statistical Process Control) that allow for more sophisticated analysis. It has built-in analytics or controls to facilitate visual analysis and interaction with the dashboard. For example, a map analytic allows you to display data geographically. A thermometer analytic allows you to display a metric against a target value.
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3. The sodium hydrogen carbonate underwent a chemical change. What evidence do you
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Third-Party Management
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As you know, array indexing is performed using the [ ] operator. It is possible to define the [ ] operator for classes that you create, but you don t use an operator method. Instead, you create an indexer. An indexer allows an object to be indexed like an array. The main use of indexers is to support the creation of specialized arrays that are subject to one or more constraints. However, you can use an indexer for any purpose for which an array-like syntax is beneficial. Indexers can have one or more dimensions. We will begin with onedimensional indexers.
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S9, Irregularities and Illegal Acts
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minivan.FuelCap = 16;
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Ethernet Token-passing bus Token-Ring 100Base-VG ANYLAN Fast Ethernet FDDI MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) ITU-T G.804 PDH T1.105 SONET G.708 SDH TAXI Fiber Channel IBM Block Encoded HSSI, High-Speed Serial Interface V-series AppleTalk ATM Banyan VINES DECnet
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discovery. Ed Harris (PG-13, 2:47) (AS, L, V) '89 [Esp.) ACTION June 2 12:05pm, 8:00pm, 3 6:45am; 13 12:20pm, 8:00pm; 22 8:10am, 5:35pm f\ THE ACCIDENT: A MOMENT OF THRUTH MOVIE * * Docudrama A teen, charged with manslaughter in a drunken driving crash that killed her best friend, uses alcohol to cope. Bonnie Root (TVPG, 1:45) '97 LMN June 8 2:45pm (CC) THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST * * * Drama A travel writer takes up with his dog trainer after his wife moves out. William Hurt (TVPG, 2:30) (AS, L) '88 F0X-WXIX June 23 12:00pm THE ACCUSED * * * Crime drama A psychology professor goes to trial for killing a student who tried to seduce her. Loretta Young YD (NR, 1:41) '48 TCM June 810:30am AN ACT OF LOVE: THE PATRICIA NEAL STORY * * * Docudrama The actress recovers from a 1966 stroke with help from friends and her husband, writer Roald Dahl. Glenda Jackson (NR, 1:40) '81 WE June 26 11:10am ACTIVE STEALTH Action When terrorists steal a stealth bomber, the Army calls upon a veteran fighter pilot and his squadron to retireve it. Daniel Baldwin X ( R . 1:38) (AS, L, V) '99 (Esp.) AMAX June 2 2:45pm; 5 4:30pm; 7 8:00pm; 1012:10pm; 15 6:20pm; 18 8:00pm; 2412:50pm; 251:15pm; 301:15pm (CC) f~\ THE ACTRESS * * " Drama Supported by her
Because the noise gure F has been found for a single ampli er, the C/N for a single ampli er can also be calculated. Example: For an ampli er with a normal carrier input level of 10 dBmV and a noise gure F of 10 dB,
Part III:
Figure 14 - 16 Example of a Special Features screen
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An absence of fusion of the m llerian ducts and/or urogenital sinuses leading to an obstructive lesion in the vagina. This leads to obstructive symptoms similar to those of an imperforate hymen Usually associated with MayerRokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome. It involves normalappearing external genitalia with agenesis of the vagina superior to the hymen. It is usually associated with uterine and cervical agenesis. Also associated with testicular feminization, yet these patients have testes instead of ovaries and need to have them removed Primary amenorrhea and pelvic pain Creation of a vagina by use of either serial vaginal dilation or surgical reconstruction with a vaginoplasty procedure Arcuate uterus (15%): small septum with minimal cavity indentation Incomplete septum (13%): partial fusion resulting in a septum that does not completely divide the horns
Table B.9 ISO 3166 Country Codes, BD and DVD Regions (continued)
b = 1 1, find all the sides and angles.
} char ch; cout << "Enter key: "; cin >> ch; map<char, int>::iterator p; // find value given key p = m.find(ch); if(p != m.end()) cout << "Its ASCII value is " << p->second; else cout << "Key not in map.\n"; return 0; }
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