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Procedure Cryotherapy Description It is a technique to destroy tissue by freezing with liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide It is the passage of a needle into the culde-sac to obtain fluid from the pouch of Douglas Indications/Contraindications Most frequently used to destroy dysplastic sections of the cervix and other benign lesions (i.e., condyloma) Benefits/Risks Comments
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design all the parts, and Dave did most of the machining work using an abrasive waterjet, drills, and mills. Once I had a new part designed, I would give the design to Dave and he would construct it. I did most of the lathe work and tapped a lot of holes. We would make a part, put it on the robot, and then update the overall layout drawings. I also used the layout drawings to gauge the size of the parts and where they should go. We didn t have the time to completely design all the parts up front and then start fabricating. Because of this approach, some parts required us to take a hacksaw to them to get them to fit together.
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Calculating Individual Commission Rate (ICR)
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Table 9-1
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SOLUTION We again start with a table of values. x 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 y = f (x) 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 4 5
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Areas for Development
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75 percent and it occurs when the motor is spinning at approximately 19,000 RPM. Maximum output power from this motor occurs when the motor speed decreases to about 50 percent of its maximum speed and the current is approximately 50 percent of the stall current. For all permanent magnet motors, maximum power occurs when 50 percent of the stall current is reached. Motor manufacturers recommend that motors be run at maximum efficiency; otherwise, motors will overheat faster.
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Going to Bed
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Related Functions
Use a Checklist to Con rm That Your Proo ng Is Complete
Drexel University Evaluates Concrete Bridges Lacking Documentation
sin(2/x) sin(5/x)
THE TC8300s A second member of the TC8300 family is the TC8300s. This fiber-optic multiplexer can be obtained with either four or eight RS-232 asynchronous ports and supports a maximum data transmission rate of 56 kbits/s. The TC8300s brings back fond memories for this author, as an equivalent product from another vendor was used in the late 1990s to solve an interconnection problem between two data centers residing in the same building. At that time communications circuits terminated within one data center, with some circuits connected to a switch that could be considered to represent a data PBX (private branch exchange). By connecting asynchronous data circuits to the data PBX, it became possible to allow remote users located around the country to use common long-distance circuits to select their termination points as the data PBX was in turn cabled to several computers
Many end-user problems can be resolved without physically visiting the user by utilizing the shadowing technology included with XenApp Server. Permissions for shadowing are best set up in a Citrix policy and only granted to administrators and managers within the company. Shadowing rights enable the control of a user session to instruct the user on how to perform a certain function, troubleshoot client-side problems, or promote general education about applications, printing, and system orientation. Shadowing can be initiated in a couple ways. For one, it can be started from within the AMC by right-clicking the user sessions to be shadowed and selecting the Shadow option. Another method is to use the Shadow task bar found on the ICA Administrator toolbar. A popular way to give managers access to shadowing without giving them permissions to the AMC is to publish the Shadow Taskbar program as a published application.
System Requirements
Probably no aspect of a boat is less well understood by its owner than its batteries. Our knowledge of batteries often consists of a few remembered facts from a high school chemistry course, experience with our own boats and automobiles, and, unfortunately, a barrage of advertising hype. As with most of today s mass-marketed products, engineering takes a backseat to marketing. Meaningful specifications and instructions have been replaced by technical-sounding words such as heavy-duty, marine-grade, deep-cycle, and Die-Hard. Some manufacturers have gone so far as to promise boating nirvana a battery you can stick anywhere in your boat and never give it another thought. This is most unfortunate because: (1) it is not true, and (2) nothing is more important to the cruising boat than an adequate and reliable 12-volt system. Without a reliable source of 12 volts, most of us would have no lighting, refrigeration, navigation, or communication. In fact, we couldn t even start our engines. This chapter explains what you need to know in order to select and then maintain the batteries that are the heart of your boat s electrical system. To read battery manufacturers literature, you would think that today s batteries represent recent technological breakthroughs. The truth is that the chemistry of Thomas Edison s batteries of 100 years ago is identical to the chemistry of today s batteries. But what about the new, sealed, gel-cell batteries you can store under your bunk You are right they are newer. They were patented in 1933. Most of what you need to know about lead-acid batteries can be observed in a galley experiment using a glass containing a cup of battery acid (siphon some from your battery, or buy a quart at the auto parts store), two lengths of lead solder, two D-cells, a battery holder, and a voltmeter. Warning: battery acid is strong so wear rubber gloves and be very careful. Place the D-cells in the battery holder as in Figure 3.1. Connect one length of solder to the negative end, the other length to the positive end of the battery holder, and dip their ends into the acid. Bubbles will form and rise in the acid. Soon you ll notice one of the lengths of solder turning brown. Remove the batteries and connect the voltmeter to the solder, as shown in Figure 3.2. The voltmeter will read about 2 volts. You have just manufactured and witnessed the operation of a lead-acid cell the very same thing that
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