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Figure 28.8 A reflectometer trace showing optical power reflected from a fiber as a function of posi-
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The transport technologies that Service Providers overwhelmingly employed were mostly optimized for the delivery of voice services over the different physical media. Subsequently, as data services began to emerge, these services were still largely delivered over this voice-efficient infrastructure; the billions of dollars invested in these voice-optimized networks made it unrealistic to discard and replace them with data-optimized networks. As this infrastructure equipment depreciates2 and competition intensifies, however, Service Providers are beginning to transition to next-generation packetized networks; a fair number of Service Providers have already begun this transition, but it will be a long while before this is complete. The pace is slow due to the amount of investment needed, fear of cannibalization of existing TDM services3, and the changes required to the existing support infrastructure (methods and procedures and personnel skill sets, for instance). Furthermore, legacy solutions such as SONET are also evolving to be more accommodating to Ethernet services and consequently extending their appeal and longevity. Thus, it is anticipated that these voice-optimized solutions will exist in the foreseeable future. Quite a few Service Providers also invested in new ATM and Frame Relay (often overlaid over fiber infrastructure and voice oriented transport platforms like SONET) networks to support data services exclusively. Of course, newer (green field) Service Providers that did not have to face the constraints of legacy infrastructures have already implemented transport networks that are more data and packet optimized. The net result is that there are multiple solutions that can be employed to deliver Carrier Ethernet over Service Provider networks, each with its own specific genesis and focus, and consequently, different in how the Carrier Ethernet solution is offered. Some of these solutions are better suited than others in particular contexts. It is also not uncommon to have more than a single (delivery) solution deployed in a Service Provider network because of both legacy and practical considerations. Understanding these different network solutions, their fit and limitations, is an extremely useful exercise to both Service Providers as well as end-user enterprises; after all, these solutions underpin the Ethernet services delivered or used, respectively. For a Service Provider, choosing the appropriate Carrier Ethernet delivery platform means improved profitability and a higher level of competitiveness, whereas for end-user enterprises, choosing the right delivery platform can mean minimizing their communication costs and taking advantage of the required flexibility, robustness, and scalability (the specific benefits of Carrier Ethernet are discussed fairly extensively in 1). It is important to note that, in most cases, these delivery platforms provide carrier-class features independent of their capability to provide Ethernet services (e.g., SONET platforms offer resiliency to failures independent and, in fact, prior to optimizing their capability to deliver Carrier Ethernet services).
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When opening remote procedure call (RPC)-aware applications, such as Windows Explorer and Control Panel, delays of several minutes can be the result of incorrect service startup settings. Verify the RPC service Startup type is set to Automatic and the RPC Locator service Startup type is set to Manual.
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are used when these arguments are not explicitly specified. For example, you could create another XYCoord constructor, as shown here:
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Description text boxes in the first page of the wizard for the examples in this chapter. The next page of the wizard is the Data Submission page, which defines the users that can contribute data in a given assignment. Select the check box next to Contributors and click on the Edit button to open the Select Contributor dialog box, as shown in the bottom right of Figure 7-32. In this dialog box, any combination of Business Users and Business Roles can be selected as the contributor for the assignment. The Business User or Business Roles can be selected in this dialog box by highlighting the appropriate user or role and clicking the Add Selected button at the top of the dialog box. The user Contributor1 is selected as the contributor for the purpose of the examples in this chapter, as shown in Figure 7-32. The Form Template to be used for data submission in an assignment is also defined in the same Data Submission page of the Create an Assignment Definition wizard. Clicking the Edit button next to the Form box will open the Select Forms dialog box. All the Form Templates that are available in the PPS Planning Server are listed on the left side of this dialog box. A form template can be selected by highlighting the required form template and clicking on the > button in the middle of the dialog box.
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Recording Macros
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Figure 2.10 A repeater.
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class P_example { int num; public: void set_num(int val) { num = val; } void show_num(); }; void P_example::show_num() { cout << num << "\n"; } int main() { P_example ob, *p; // declare an object and pointer to it ob.set_num(1); // access ob directly ob.show_num(); p = &ob; // assign p the address of ob p->show_num(); // access ob using pointer C++ return 0; }
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(129) The release of clear or blood-tinged Answer: a vaginal discharge, whether spontaneously or pressure induced, followed by shrinkage of an adnexal mass and relief of cramping pain is pathognomonic for which neoplasm (a) Fallopian tube cancer (b) Ovarian cystadenocarcinoma (c) Epithelial ovarian cancer (d) Dermoid cyst (e) Krukenberg tumor (130) Herniation of the peritoneum between the uterosacral ligaments through the pouch of Douglas into the rectovaginal septum represents which of the following defects (a) Uterine prolapse (b) Rectocele (c) Enterocele (d) Urethrocele (e) Cystocele (f) Retrodisplacement of the uterus (131) A 65-year-old menopausal woman visits your office with complaints of urinary difficulty and discomfort in the vagina. She complains that the feeling in her vagina is like she is sitting on an egg. What is the appropriate therapy (a) Remove the foreign body (b) Perform a hysterectomy (c) Recommend a pessary (d) Reassurance Answer: b or c (Depending on patient s preference. However, b is preferred if there is other uterine pathology, whereas c is preferred for those who want to avoid surgery.) Answer: b
Butyl group Branched chain amino acid found in high concentration in muscles
In addition to the generally available XenApp packages, Citrix released a new version of XenApp in May 2008 specifically designed to run in conjunction with XenDesktop, logically named XenApp for XenDesktop. XenDesktop is Citrix s Desktop Virtualization Delivery solution that provides virtualization of the desktop (Windows XP or Windows Vista). In early testing, we found that virtualizing the applications (XenApp) separately from the desktop virtualization resulted in 40% better performance overall. So not only will desktop virtualization not replace application virtualization, but we believe that the combination, albeit a virtual mouthful, of XenApp and XenDesktop will be very popular in the years to come.
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
(every 20 milliseconds or so). If the vocal tract can be modeled as a filter, then the excitation of the vibrations at the vocal cords corresponds to the excitation signal applied to the filter. Speech sounds can be classified into three main types as follows:
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public override bool Equals(object obj) public bool Equals(int obj) public override int GetHashCode( ) public TypeCode GetTypeCode( ) public static int Parse(string s)
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