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/* KTOD: A key to disk program. */ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { FILE *fp; char ch; if(argc!=2) {
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The conversion from int to Nybble allows a Nybble object to be assigned an int value. For example, in the program, the statement
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Many of the C++ library functions that you use will return values. For example, the abs( ) function used earlier returned the absolute value of its argument. Functions you write may also return values to the calling routine. In C++, a function uses a return statement to return a value. The general form of return is return value; where value is the value being returned. To illustrate the process of functions returning values, the foregoing program can be rewritten, as shown next. In this version, mul( ) returns the product of its arguments. Notice that the placement of the function on the right side of an assignment statement assigns the return value to a variable.
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NOTE Many of the prebuilt reports only display content when data is available. All reports will
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You can specify a function that has a variable number of parameters. The most common example is printf( ). To tell the compiler that an unknown number of arguments will be passed to a function, you must end the declaration of its parameters using three periods. For example, this prototype specifies that func( ) will have at least two integer parameters and an unknown number (including 0) of parameters after that:
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Figure 5-32 The strategy map viewed in the Strategy Map Editor in Dashboard Designer code 128 barcode
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If your computer CD-ROM drive is configured to auto run, the CD-ROM should automatically start up upon inserting the disc. If the auto run feature did not launch the CD, browse to the CD and click the Setup icon. From the opening screen, you may install the Boson NetSim LE or the BEE by clicking the Install NetSim LE or the Install BEE link. For information about technical support related to the content of the practice exam, see Technical Support at the end of this appendix. Information about customer support for the Boson Software included on the CD is also shown at the end of the appendix.
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Create Queries by Using the Query Methods
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Auto-Implemented Properties
Fig. 4.24 Example of Optimally Fast Charging
The preceding discussion centered on the process of the call and referred to the base station quite a bit. The cell is comprised of a 3 5 mile radius. The base station is comprised of all the transmission and reception equipment between the base station and MTSO and the base station to the telephone. The cell has a tower with multiple antennae mounted on the top. Each cell has enough radio equipment to service approximately 45 calls simultaneously, as well as to monitor all the channels in each of the adjacent cells to it (see Figure 20-5 ). The equipment varies with the manufacturer and the operator, but typically, an operator will have 35 70 cells in a major location.
Build Your Own Combat Robot
The Training Environment
A sponge is in the shape of a right circular cone (Figure 3.16). As it soaks up water, it grows in size. At a certain moment, the height equals 6 inches, and is increasing at the rate of 0.3 inches per second. At that same moment, the radius is 4 inches, and is increasing at the rate of 0.2 inches per second. How is the volume changing at that time
blend object. Notice that there are two color transitions happening now in the total blend; one from the Start blend control object to the child, and a different one from the child to the End blend control object. Think of the drawings of fuzzy caterpillars that are easy to create using child blend objects.
E R D s have three basic elements: entity types, relationships, and attributes. Entity types are collections o f things o f interest (entities) in an application. Entity types represent collec tions o f physical things such as books, people, and places, as well as events such as payments. A n entity is a member or instance o f an entity type. Entities are uniquely identi fied to allow tracking across business processes. For example, customers have a unique identification to support order processing, shipment, and product warranty processes. In the Crow's Foot notation as well as most other notations, rectangles denote entity types. In Figure 5.1, the Course entity type represents the set o f courses in the database. Attributes are properties o f entity types or relationships. A n entity type should have a primary key as well as other descriptive attributes. Attributes are shown inside an entity type rectangle. If there are many attributes, the attributes can be suppressed and listed on a separate page. S o m e E R D drawing tools show attributes in a z o o m e d view, separate from the rest o f the diagram. Underlining indicates that the attribute(s) serves as the primary key o f the entity type. Relationships are named associations among entity types. In the Crow's Foot notation, relationship names appear on the line connecting the entity types involved in the relation ship. In Figure 5.1, the Has relationship shows that the Course and Offering entity types are directly related. Relationships store associations in both directions. For example, the Has
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
FIGURE 13.13. Output residual vibrations.
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