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6.2 Subscriber Converters
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public override string ToString( ) public string ToString(string format)
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Reflection is the feature that enables you to obtain information about a type. The term reflection comes from the way the process works: A Type object mirrors the underlying type that it represents. To obtain information, you ask the Type object questions, and it returns (reflects) the information associated with the type back to you. Reflection is a powerful mechanism because it allows you to learn and use the capabilities of types that are known only at runtime. Many of the classes that support reflection are part of the .NET Reflection API, which is in the System.Reflection namespace. Thus, you will normally include the following in programs that use reflection:
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Notice that nums is an int array of four elements. However, the for loop tries to index nums from 0 to 9, which causes an IndexOutOfRangeException to occur when an index value of 4 is tried. Although quite short, the preceding program illustrates several key points about exception handling. First, the code that you want to monitor for errors is contained within a try block. Second, when an exception occurs (in this case, because of the attempt to index nums beyond its bounds inside the for loop), the exception is thrown out of the try block and caught by the catch. At this point, control passes to the catch block, and the try block is terminated. That is, catch is not called. Rather, program execution is transferred to it. Thus, the WriteLine( ) statement following the out-of-bounds index will never execute. After the catch block executes, program control continues with the statements following the catch. Thus, it is the job of your exception handler to remedy the problem that caused the exception so program execution can continue normally.
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The Private branch exchange ( PBX) The modem (data communications device) The multiplexer (enables more users on a single line) Automatic call distributor (ACD) Voice mail system (VMS) Automated attendant (AA) Radio systems Cellular telephones Facsimile machines CATV connections Web-enabled call centers Integrated voice recognition and response systems
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The Session Description Protocol (SDP)
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The Most Common C File System Functions
Administrative Issues
5: Wireless
Table C-3. File and Directory Structure of the Citrix Presentation Server Web Client
ciscoasa(config)# regex phone1 "5551237890" ciscoasa(config)# regex phone2 "5554561234"
Practices for Executives and Board of Directors
Chloride contaminated concrete Corrosion activity of rebar is reduced
Part I:
Cam groove C
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