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Pigtails: external conductors that originate within an electrical component or appliance installed by their manufacturer. Points: metal contacts designed to make and break electrical circuits. Polarity: the sign (+ or ) of a voltage. Polarity indicator: a device (usually a lamp) that indicates whether shore-power leads are connected properly (hot to hot, neutral to neutral) or are reversed. Polarization: the deviation from the open-circuit potential of an electrode resulting from the passage of current, such as from anodes and impressed current systems. Polarized system AC: a system in which the grounded and ungrounded conductors are connected in the same relation to terminals or leads on devices in the circuit. Polarized system DC: a system in which the grounded (negative) and ungrounded (positive) conductors are connected in the same relation to terminals or leads on devices in the circuit. Positive ion: an atom that has lost one or more electrons. Potential difference: the force that causes electrons and other charged objects to move. Same as electromotive force and voltage. Potentiometer: a variable resistor with a sliding contact whereby the output voltage can be varied from zero to full input voltage. Power: the rate at which energy is used or converted. The unit, watt, equals 1 ampere through times 1 volt across. Power supply: a voltage source, not a battery, that supplies current at a xed voltage to a circuit. Primary lightning conductor: the main vertical electrical path in a lightning protection system formed by a metallic mast, metallic structure, electrical conductors, or other conducting means, to a ground plate, ground strip, or a metallic hull. Primary winding: the input winding of a transformer. Readily accessible: capable of being reached quickly and safely for effective use under emergency conditions without the use of tools. Recti er diode: a high-current semiconductor device that allows current ow only in one direction. Reference electrode: a metal and metallic-salt (e.g., a silversilver chloride half cell) mixture in solution that will develop and maintain an accurate reference potential to which the potential of other metals immersed in the same electrolyte may be compared. Reference potential: the voltage difference between a reference electrode and a metal when they are immersed in the same electrolyte. Relay: an electromechanical switch in which a small input current switches a much higher output current. Reserve capacity: the number of minutes a 12-volt battery at 80 F will deliver 25 amps before its voltage drops below 10.5 volts. Residual magnetism: the magnetic eld remaining in a core after current in the eld winding ceases.
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When using the Citrix NetScaler Application Switch, the client connects to the fully qualified domain name the switch is using for the Web Interface servers. The load balancer then directs the connection to one of the Web Interface servers based on the loadbalancing method. If one of the Web Interface servers goes down, the load balancer automatically bypasses that server. In Figure 19-5, the NetScaler Application Switches are shown in high-availability mode to avoid a single point of failure. This configuration is not required, but it is recommended for maximum availability. When configuring the NetScaler Application Switch for Web Interface, create a virtual server along with a service for each of the Web Interface servers. For a default Web Interface server, use the following settings for the services and virtual server: Services Without SSL Protocol: HTTP IP Address: IP address of the Web Interface server Port: 80 Monitor: HTTP Virtual Server Without SSL Protocol: HTTP IP Address: IP address of the Web Interface virtual server Port: 80 Persistence: COOKIEINSERT Backup Persistence: SOURCEIP Services with SSL Protocol: SSL_BRIDGE or SSL IP Address: IP address of the Web Interface server Port: 443 Monitor: HTTPS Virtual Server with SSL Protocol: SSL_BRIDGE or SSL IP Address: IP address of the Web Interface virtual server Port: 443 Persistence: SOURCEIP If Microsoft Network Load Balancing or a third-party load balancer is being used, consult its documentation for specific setup details. DNS Multiple Host (A) Records Another solution for Web Interface redundancy is configuring DNS to resolve a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to multiple Web Interface server IP addresses. Most DNS servers can return the addresses in the same order or can round-robin among the multiple addresses. Modern Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer (IE), use the multiple DNS records that are returned to the client. This solution works for redundancy, however, it is not ideal because the end user is subject to DNS time-outs when failures occur.
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ciscoasa(config)# vpdn group group_name request dialout pppoe ciscoasa(config)# vpdn group group_name ppp authentication {chap | mschap | pap} ciscoasa(config)# vpdn group group_name localname username ciscoasa(config)# vpdn username username password password [store-local] ciscoasa(config)# interface physical_if_name ciscoasa(config-if)# ip address pppoe [setroute]
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The default value is zero, unless the appropriate bit value is set in the REG_DWORD registry value DefaultPrnFlags at HKLM\Software\Citrix\Print\.
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1. 0101 is the digital number 3. 0.648 microsecond
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UNI Attributes Service Attribute
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FIGURE 7-1 A conceptual view of the table array created by the TwoD program
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One other point: You must use the right parsing method for the type of value you are trying to convert. For example, trying to use Int32.Parse( ) on a string that contains a floating-point value will not produce the desired result.
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Developing Applications
Figure 5.8 Spectra showing phase noise out of PLL.
Key Concept: Use No More Than Three Output Measures in a Sales Compensation Plan. Sales compensation plans work best with three or fewer performance measures. Limiting performance measures ensures that those selected get the full attention of the sales force. Use output measures tied to actual sales results and avoid input measures such as presales activity measures (e.g., number of sales calls or proposal written).
In the earlier, non-LNP environment, a telephone number performed two functions: 1. It identified the customer. 2. It provided the network with information necessary to route a call to that customer. Local Number Portability separates these two functions, providing the means for customers to keep their Directory Number when changing Local Service Providers. By separating those two functions, LNP gives customers the flexibility to respond to pricing and service changes offered by rival carriers. As we have seen, numerous studies conclude that most business and residential customers are reluctant to switch from one service provider to another if they must change their telephone numbers. Without LNP, new entrants (CLECs) would have to price their local exchange service 12 15% lower than the existing local exchange carriers in order to persuade customers to switch carriers. Although the degree to which the lack of LNP hurts competition is arguable, it is clear that LNP is required to provide a level playing field. Interim number portability methods, such as remote call forwarding and direct inward dialing, existed but these methods have several disadvantages:
4. Engineers need to compute lateral forces from sway: Computational analyses and insight from studies of pedestrian bridges with live loads exist. Member sizes used allow designers to predict the dynamic behavior of a footbridge to a certain extent. Damping effects: There are still many factors that make these predictions dif cult. Damping depends on a number of parameters such as: 1. Materials used. 2. Complexity of the structure.
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