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Once you have a Type object, you can obtain a list of methods supported by the type by using GetMethods( ). One form is shown here: MethodInfo[ ] GetMethods( ) It returns an array of MethodInfo objects that describe the methods supported by the invoking type. MethodInfo is in the System.Reflection namespace. MethodInfo is derived from the abstract class MethodBase, which inherits MemberInfo. Thus, the properties and methods defined by all three of these classes are available for your use. For example, to obtain the name of a method, use the Name property. Two members that are of particular interest at this time are ReturnType and GetParameters( ). The return type of a method is found in the read-only ReturnType property, which is an object of Type. The method GetParameters( ) returns a list of the parameters associated with a method. It has this general form: ParameterInfo[ ] GetParameters( ); The parameter information is held in a ParameterInfo object. ParameterInfo defines a large number of properties and methods that describe the parameter. Two properties that are of particular value are Name, which is a string that contains the name of the parameter, and ParameterType, which describes the parameter s type. The parameter s type is encapsulated within a Type object. Here is a program that uses reflection to obtain the methods supported by a class called MyClass. For each method, it displays the return type and name of the method, and the name and type of any parameters that each method may have.
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Sixes unconsciously project their thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, motivations, and behaviors onto others, imagining that what is actually true about themselves is instead true of someone else. Sixes often assume they are correct without clarifying the accuracy of these projections. The projections may be positive, neutral, or negative in nature.
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The amount of space required to store the color of each pixel in an image. An 8-bit image (a picture with a color depth of 8 bits) can display only 256 possible colors; a 16-bit image can display 65,536 colors; 24-bit images can display more possible colors than the human eye can perceive, and 24 bits is generally considered the largest amount of color depth required for a simple image. Images with 32-bit color depth are usually using 24 bits per pixel for the visible image and a further 8 bits for the alpha channel.
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The important point to notice about the preceding program is that the verbatim string literals are displayed precisely as they are entered into the program. The advantage of verbatim string literals is that you can specify output in your program exactly as it will appear on the screen. However, in the case of multiline strings, the wrapping will obscure the indentation of your program. For this reason, the programs in this book will make only limited use of verbatim string literals. That said, they are still a wonderful benefit for many formatting situations. One last point: Don t confuse strings with characters. A character literal, such as 'X', represents a single letter of type char. A string containing only one letter, such as "X", is still a string.
the type of T becomes int because 99 and the element types of nums and nums2 are int. In the second call, string types are used, and T is replaced by string. Now, notice the commented-out code, shown here:
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The Standard Template Library and the string Class
Just as with programming and art, audio production jobs break down into several specialties:
Deriving Exception Classes
Gigabit Ethernet compatible with 10BASE-T and 100BASE-T technologies supported by hubs, switches, and even repeaters. As a result, you can include existing Ethernet and Fast Ethernet network structures with the use of Gigabit Ethernet.
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