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Disaster Recovery Planning and Configuration
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Build Your Own Combat Robot
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A two-way state indicates that two OSPF routers are neighbors. A full
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Connecting blocks can serve two to six zones and can emit signals for up to 10 devices (100 if 10 units are daisy chained together). The cost for a connecting block varies, depending on its configuration, but a four-zone connecting block sells for US$179.95. This system provides the most flexibility and the best signal reliability.
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DVD-ROM Data Storage Techniques
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide code 39 generator
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As you know, C uses the functions malloc( ) and free( ) (among others) to dynamically allocate memory and to free dynamically allocated memory. However, C++ contains two operators that perform the functions of allocating and freeing memory in a more efficient and easier-to-use way. The operators are new and delete. Their general forms are pointer_var = new var_type ; delete pointer_var ; Here, pointer_var is a pointer of type var_type. The new operator allocates sufficient memory to hold a value of type var_type and returns an address to it. Any data type can be allocated using new. The delete operator frees the memory pointed to by pointer_var. If an allocation request cannot be filled, the new operator throws an exception of type bad_alloc. If your program does not catch this exception, then your program will be terminated. While this default behavior is fine for short sample programs, in real-world programs that you write, you should catch this exception and process it in some rational manner. To watch for this exception, you must include <new> in your program. The actions of new on failure as just described are specified by ANSI/ISO Standard C++ and correctly implemented by C++ Builder. The trouble is that not all compilers, especially older ones, will have implemented new in compliance with Standard C++. When C++ was first invented, new returned null on failure. Later, this was changed such that new caused an exception on failure. Finally, it was decided that a new failure will generate an exception by default, but that a null pointer could be returned instead, as an option. Thus, new has been implemented differently, at different times, by compiler manufacturers. If you are updating old code, or porting code from another environment, you will need to check all uses of new very carefully. Because of the way dynamic allocation is managed, you must use delete only with a pointer to memory that was allocated using new. Using delete with any other type of address will cause serious problems. There are several advantages to using new instead of malloc( ). First, new automatically computes the size of the type being allocated. You don t have to make use of the sizeof operator, which saves you some effort. More important, it prevents the wrong amount of memory from being accidentally allocated. Second, it automatically returns the correct pointer type you don t need to use a type cast. Third, as you will soon see, it is possible to initialize the object being allocated using new. Finally, it is possible to overload new (and delete) relative to classes you create, or globally.
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After learning the material covered in this chapter, the student will be able to
Let s assume that you turned on all your routers simultaneously on a segment. In this case, the OSPF routers will go through three states, called the exchange process, in determining whether they will become neighbors: 1. Down state The routers have not exchanged any OSPF information with any other router. 2. Init state A destination router has received a new router s hello and adds it to its neighbor list (assuming that values in the preceding bullet points match). Note that communication is only unidirectional at this point. 3. Two-way state The new router receives a unidirectional reply (from the destination router) to its initial hello packet and adds the destination router to its neighbor database. Once the routers have entered a two-way state, they are considered neighbors. At this point, an election process takes place to elect the designated router (DR) and the backup designated router (BDR) on the segment.
Although this version uses the named class called Temp to hold the resulting object, an anonymous type could have been used instead. This approach is shown next:
Developer s Paradox Statement
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There is a definite, concrete distinction between what someone needs and what someone wants. Abraham Maslow demonstrated this with his famous Hierarchy of Needs in 1943. At the top of his list are such physiological needs as air, food, water, and heat truly, things we need. As the list progresses, it gets a little more esoteric with things like self actualization and esteem needs. So what does this foray into Philosophy 101 have to do with Smart Homes Let s be honest: no one needs their home lighting wired to the garage door opener. No one needs to be able to check their house s temperature from a web browser on the other side of the world. Nowhere on Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs are integrated home security systems listed. Of course, it could be argued that s just because Maslow didn t live in this day and age. True, we don t need any of the stuff Smart Homes have to offer, but some of us sure do want them. There are a number of benefits inherent to Smart Homes. First and for many it s an important consideration a Smart Home can save money. This is achieved through savings in heating, cooling, water, and other utility costs. Additionally, Smart Homes offer more enhanced security measures, reduce a number of rote tasks, and offer an increase in entertainment. So what, exactly, can you do to smarten up your home There are a number of home automation projects that can do anything from control your stereo to cascade lights on and off as you walk through the house at night. You can make your Smart Home as simple or as complex as you d like. Sure, look around for information about sample Smart Home projects, and you re likely to hear about what Bill Gates did to his house and what a handful of other enthusiasts have managed to, pushing the envelope on both home automation and cost. You don t have to do quite that much but you can. For example, if you just want to be able to dim the lights in your bedroom without having to get out of bed, that is a simple enough project, and it won t cost more than US$100. If you don t mind getting out of bed to dim your lights, the project will only cost about US$30.
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