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Again, it is best to illustrate the method by example. In Example 13-10, we solve the RL circuit shown in Fig. 13-1 by using the Laplace transform. EXAMPLE 13-10 Find the current i(t) in the RL circuit shown in Fig. 13-1. SOLUTION Notice we have indicated that the voltage source is turned on at t = 0 by making it a unit step function. The equation for this circuit is 2 di + 2i(t) = 4u(t) dt (13.9)
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Concentrators or modular hubs. Modular hubs are large, rack-mounted devices with fast backplanes that hold a series of different plug-in cards. They are the Swiss Army knife of private networks. There typically is a wide selection of cards that include most LAN and WAN functions. A typical configuration would include a redundant power supply, a number of 10Base-T hub cards (with many ports each), a LAN switch card, and a routing card. Other common interfaces include Token-Ring, FDDI, ATM, and others. Each of these cards will perform its associated functions of bridging, routing, switching, or repeating. Modular hubs are industrial-grade units, and thus more expensive than rack-and-stack solutions for small networks. Modular hubs normally have extensive SNMP-based network management systems for configuration and monitoring. The distinction between a large router that holds hub cards, and a large hub that holds router cards, can be somewhat blurry. 2.4.2 WAN interconnects
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Installing the Novell Client on a Server with Presentation Server
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Before moving on, let s look at another generic class application. As you saw in 13, you can overload the [ ] operator. Doing so allows you to create your own array implementations, including safe arrays that provide run-time boundary checking. As you know, in C++, it is possible to overrun (or underrun) an array boundary at run time, without generating a run-time error message. However, if you create a class that contains the array, and allow access to that array only through the overloaded [ ] subscripting operator, then you can intercept an out-of-range index. By combining operator overloading with a generic class, it is possible to create a generic safe-array type that can be used for creating safe arrays of any data type. This type of array is created in the following program:
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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This particular connection was made because we located the siren in the garage. If it were located outside, we d connect the red wire to the EXT terminal. If we had both an exterior and interior siren, we d connect the black leads from both sirens to the GND terminal and the red wires to the respective INT and EXT terminals.
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Midpoint control Color well Click-drag
Input, Output, Streams, and Files
The show activation-key command will also display the preceding output. Once you enter a new license key, remember that you must reboot the appliance for the license key change to take effect.
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Bipolar violations (BPVs) and line code violations. As explained in 3, telecommunications systems use standard interface codes to guarantee clock recovery, and line transmission systems also use coding to make efficient use of media. These simple binary and ternary codes have non-allowed states. If one of these illegal states is detected then an error in the data stream also will be likely. This detection process is limited, however, and binary errors easily can slip through as legitimate codes. Also, the detection applies only to a single transmission section as equipment will not retransmit code violations to subsequent sections. For this reason it cannot be used to monitor overall path performance. Frame alignment signal (FAS) errors. These are detected by checking the bits in the repetitive frame alignment word to be found, for example, in timeslot zero (TS0) in alternate frames at the 2 Mbps E1 primary rate (ITU-T G.704) as shown in Figure 26.15. Since the frame alignment word forms only a small part of the overall frame and does not check any of the payload area, it provides only a sample or snapshot of error performance. It can be useful for estimating long-term average BER, assuming that errors are evenly distributed in the frame (Poisson distribution); this assumption may be invalid, however, since some error events occur in clusters. In PDH systems, checking for errors in the frame alignment signal is the most convenient way of making in-service measurement of error performance. Each level in the hierarchy has a frame structure and associated frame alignment signals as shown in Figure 26.16. These can be checked by a test set or by the operational equipment.
Internet Translation Device
Port S Workstation
int count; bool done;
Desktop Intelligence
A string search method that you will find useful in many circumstances is Contains( ). Its general form is shown here: public bool Contains(string str) It returns true if the invoking string contains the string specified by str and false otherwise. This method is especially useful when all you need to know is if a specific substring exists within another string. Here is an example that demonstrates its use:
Assume that the helical spring weighs 0.3 lb. The effective weight 4 0.3 w = 5.5 + + 3.5 = 6.00 lb. 6 3 Therefore the dynamic constant from Eq. (13.84) is C = 0.093 w 2 N = 22.2. kf
Along the top row of your keyboard is a series of keys marked F1 to F12. Each of these F keys launches specific commands in Excel, but you will find that the ones you will be using often are really only about half of the F keys. The ones used more often are shown in bold:
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