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Charles Schwab & Co., the well-known discount brokerage house with over $500 billion in funds under management, uses voice recognition technology to authenticate customers accessing their account information by telephone. Schwab compares the phrase stated by the customer over the telephone with a stored digital voice print from a customer-dictated phrase. Using biometrics allows Schwab to identify customers by their distinctive voice prints, thus reducing the opportunity for password theft and other types of fraud. Once authenticated, customers can then use the automated system to obtain stock quotes. The Schwab system recognizes the names of more than 13,000 securities said in more than two million different ways, since most companies have dozens of variant pronunciations and names such as IBM or IBM Incorporated or International Business Machines. (For more information, go to Operating over the telephone, which can be a noisy and difficult environment for speech recognition, the system gives customers real-time stock quotes for virtually all companies traded on U.S. stock exchanges. According to Cicily Baptist, Schwab s vice president in charge of development and deployment of the speech system, We ll use this new technology to make it easier for our customers to get into their accounts. For those customers who join this program, the technology will be able to identify their voices so they ll no longer need to remember their PIN. As reported in Knowledge Management Magazine (January 2000), Schwab retired the original name for the service, Voice Broker, in September 1999 and replaced it with the more generic phrase, voice services, as part of its business strategy. Baptist explained that, The purpose [behind Voice Broker] was not to name the product and sell the product but to integrate the service and
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IAuthenticationModule ICredentials IWebProxyScript ICertificatePolicy ICredentialsByHost IWebRequestCreate ICredentialPolicy IWebProxy
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If you shoot with a long focal length and pose your subject properly, you can create comical pictures that make it look like your subject is preventing the Leaning Tower of Pisa from toppling to the ground.
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Several different flavors of data communications exist for wireless communications. Most people think of the services as being one type only. Earlier the discussion considered the Short Message Services (SMS), circuit-switched data, and packet switched data. The variations in the different technologies depend on the innovations and the air interfaces. Regardless of the different methods, there are still many variations in using the data transmission characteristics with wireless applications and mobile users. In Table 23-3 , a summary of the various methods is shown for the wireless communications techniques. Table 23-3: Summary of methods for data Method Circuit-switched Air Interface TDMA CDMA GSM Packet Switched RIM RAM Mobile Data CDPD IP SMS Packet Switched, separate
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If you have access to a DNS server or servers, you can have your router use these to resolve names to IP addresses. This is configured with the ip name-server command:
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CHAPTER 7 Methods of Integration
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Combining Grouping a n d Joins Summarize the number of IS course offerings by course description. SELECT CrsDesc, COUNT(*) AS OfferCount FROM Course, Offering WHERE Course.CourseNo = Offering.CourseNo ANDCourse.CourseNo LIKE 'IS*' GROUP CrsDesc FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALS OF DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ANALYSIS BY CrsDesc OfferCount 6 2 2
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Substantial changes to call-processing logic and administration software is required in all switching systems in use in today s telecommunications network in order to implement local number portability. The cost of the system upgrades and changes has been accumulated in a pool by the RBOCs and is now being passed on to consumers. The costs typically range from $.27- $.54 per line per month. This pass-through cost will continue for five years (ending in 2004) as the plan calls today. Additional impacts will be evident when a Line Information Database (LIDB) requires a dip to determine the 0 plus calling card model, as shown in Figure 5-8 .
Once again, a solitary pink scaly lesion filled with pinpoint vessels has a differential diagnosis. In an adult, a lesion on sun-exposed skin with diffuse pinpoint vessels indicates that the number one possibility is Bowen disease. This is a classic example, the most common presentation of nonpigmented Bowen disease that one will encounter. A plaque of psoriasis could be indistinguishable. One should perform a total body skin examination to discover other stigmata of psoriasis that might be present and easily clinch the correct diagnosis. Amelanotic melanoma is lower on the differential diagnosis list. One would like to see a less homogeneous distribution of polymorphous vessels. A solitary lesion of nonspecific dermatitis can have this clinical and dermoscopic picture. Pigmented and nonpigmented Bowen disease are said to be diagnosed by finding glomerular vessels. Glomerular and/or pinpoint vessels can be seen. It might be more common to see pinpoint than true glomerular vessels. Nonpigmented Bowen disease is much more common than the pigmented variety. There can be a single or multiple lesions. The bluish-white color has no diagnostic significance in this case.
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There are two programming modes for Blu-ray HDMV and BD-J. Generally, there tends to be fewer incompatibility issues with HDMV playback than with BD-J, mainly because the BD-J environment has many more options and is based on a wide array of specifications.
Fig. 4-8 The rst intermediate step using Millman s theorem results in this circuit.
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