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A Simple Generics Example
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The Application-Packaging Process
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Plug-in Units
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The String Comparison Methods (continued)
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26: Frame Relay
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The program prompts the user for a positive number. If a negative number is entered, an object of the class MyException is created that describes the error. Thus, MyException encapsulates information about the error. This information is then used by the exception handler. In general, you will want to create exception classes that will encapsulate information about an error to enable the exception handler to respond effectively.
Vectors are dynamic arrays.
Conversion Plans
To create an ellipse, choose the Ellipse Tool, shown at left, from the Toolbox or press F7, followed by a click-drag in any direction.
The Physical layer in a protocol stack is responsible for the physical transmission of the bit stream. Physical layer specifications include mechanical, electrical, functional, and procedural aspects. The mechanical characteristics of the Physical layer include the construction of the actual network connectors. The electrical characteristics specify the voltage levels and timing parameters. The functional characteristics specify how analog signals are converted to digital signals, including data, control, timing, and grounding. The procedural characteristics specify how the data is actually transmitted and received. The Physical layer determines the network bandwidth, determines the network topology, and greatly influences the types of errors that will be encountered. The Physical layer determines how a protocol analyzer is physically connected to the network under test. In point-to-point networks, for example there are three ways to connect such a device. The cable can be disconnected and the protocol analyzer can be connected serially between the two network connections. A second method is to use a patch panel to connect the protocol analyzer to the network under test. A patch panel is permanently configured into the network and allows connections to be made between the electrical interfaces of incoming and outgoing lines. Finally, some devices in a point-to-point network provide monitor ports specifically for testing. Table 24.2 describes the specifications of the most common physical network implementations in use today.
The general form of a class declaration is class class-name { private data and functions public: public data and functions } object-list; Of course, the object-list may be empty. Inside the declaration of queue, prototypes to the member functions are used. In C++, when you need to tell the compiler about a function, you must use its full prototype form. Further, in C++, all functions must be prototyped. Prototypes are not optional, as they are in C. When it comes time to actually code a function that is a member of a class, you must tell the compiler to which class the function belongs. For example, here is one way to code the qput( ) function:
In the program, IsPrime( ) is called nine times, and each time a different value is passed. Let s look at this process closely. First, notice how IsPrime( ) is called. The argument is specified between the parentheses. When IsPrime( ) is called the first time, it is passed value 1. Thus, when IsPrime( ) begins executing, the parameter x receives the value 1. In the second call, 2 is the argument, and x then has the value 2. In the third call, the argument is 3, which is the value that x receives, and so on. The point is that the value passed as an argument when IsPrime( ) is called is the value received by its parameter, x. A method can have more than one parameter. Simply declare each parameter, separating one from the next with a comma. For example, here the ChkNum class is expanded by adding a method called LeastComFactor( ), which returns the smallest factor that its two arguments have in common. In other words, it returns the smallest whole number value that can evenly divide both arguments.
The second step is to enable WCCP redirection on the interface connected to the users and web cache server(s):
Some programs have built-in video safe templates. In After Effects, for example, press the apostrophe key to turn the safe area markers on and off. Most modern TVs do not have more than 5 percent overscan, but older models may approach 10 percent. Computers, LCD or plasma screens, and many video projectors have little or no overscan. Although, unless the display is 1920 1080, you still need to account for action and title safe areas. Most often, 7.5% is a good allowance for action and title safe on the newer high definition displays.
3 SRC IP = SRC Port = 1024 DST IP = DST Port = 23
We call this the natural frequency because this is the frequency without any sources the zero-input response. So the zero-input or homogeneous solution of (8.2) is given by
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