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In general, when you need to cycle through a collection, a foreach loop is more convenient to use than an enumerator. However, an enumerator gives you a little extra control by allowing you to reset the enumerator at will.
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Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition
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This means a loss due to this cyclic component of $4000. The total income over the 3 quarters is $90,000 minus $4000 or $84,000.
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As the output confirms, each catch clause responds only to its own type of exception. In general, catch clauses are checked in the order in which they occur in a program. Only a matching clause is executed. All others are ignored.
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Testing in the Life Cycle of a Network
When the Frame Relay specification was developed, the primary goal was to carry data over the WAN. To handle this form of wide area communications, the core protocols for Frame Relay were established using the revised version of the data link protocols. Instead of using the network layer protocols, Layer 3 was gleaned down to efficiently carry the traffic while performing the same form of function as the network layer. Moreover, the data link layer was also streamlined to offer less overhead and processing on a link-bylink basis. Because the circuits across the wide area are much more reliable and error-free (thanks to fiber optics), the ACK and NAK functions can be eliminated. Furthermore, the use of PVCs in the connection eliminates the need for the sequence numbering on the link. One can assume that if we send multiple frames onto a circuit between two end points (even if it is a virtual circuit) the data will come out in the same sequence that it went in on the other end. Unless a frame is discarded, there should be no way that the data will arrive out of sequence. Because the data should not arrive out of sequence, there should not be a need to do the counting. If, however, something goes wrong on the circuit, how then do we recover The answer is that we rely on the upper layer protocols on both ends of the circuit (the transport layer) to recognize if the data is missing. If a frame is lost, then a transport will request a retransmission from the sender. This eliminates much of the processing and checking at each node across the link. In Figure 10-13 , the core protocols are shown for Frame Relay using a subset of the Q.922 data link layer for the actual link protocols.
High-Performance Motors
Class of Molecule
Using the Drop Shadow Effect
Auto-Close Curve
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