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The creators of DVD realized that to succeed, DVD had to be more than just a roomier CD or a more convenient laserdisc. Hollywood had started the ball rolling by requesting a digital video consumer standard that would hold a full-length feature film, had better picture quality than existing high-end consumer video plus widescreen aspect ratio support, contained multiple versions of a program with parental control, supported high-quality surround-formatted audio with soundtracks for at least three languages, and had built-in content protection. Next, the computer industry added their requirements of a single format for computers and video entertainment with a common cross-platform file system, high performance for both movies and computer data, compatibility with CDs and CD-ROMs, compatible recordable and rewritable versions, no mandatory caddy or cartridge, and high data capacity with reliability equal to or better than CD-ROM. Hollywood agreed that they too wanted a content protection system, with the added requirement that the then new disc standard had to include a locking system to control release across different geographic regions of the world. Following those initial development steps, the designers threw in a few more features, multiple camera angles and graphic overlays for subtitling or karaoke, and DVD was born. Unlike CD, where the computer data format was cobbled on top of the digital music format, the digital data storage system of DVD-ROM is the base format for the standard DVD. DVD-Video is built on top of DVD-ROM, using a specific set of file types and data types. From a purely storage application point, a DVD-ROM may contain digital data in almost any conceivable format, as long as a computer or other device can make use of it. Whereas, DVD-Video requires simple and inexpensive video players and the format capabilities and features are strictly defined. DVD-Audio was very late out of the specifications gate and remains the nearly forgotten red-headed stepchild of the DVD format family. The plan was to create a separate DVDAudio format based on input from the music industry. Their requirements included copyright identification and content protection, compatibility with DVD-ROM and DVD-Video, CD
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To see how operator overloading works, let s start with an example that overloads two binary operators: the + and the . The following program creates a class called ThreeD, which maintains the coordinates of an object in three-dimensional space. The overloaded + adds the individual coordinates of one ThreeD object to another. The overloaded subtracts the coordinates of one object from the other.
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and identifier pairs separated by commas. Parameters are variables that receive the value of the arguments passed to the method when it is called. If the method has no parameters, then the parameter list will be empty.
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executes, you can refer directly to NS2, since the using statement brings NS1 into view. Typically, you will not need to create namespaces for most small to medium-sized programs. However, if you will be creating libraries of reusable code or if you want to ensure the widest portability, then consider wrapping your code within a namespace.
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40. Antiparallel strands are found in A. mRNA. B. phospholipid hydrocarbon chains. C. beta sheets. D. alpha helices. E. lipid bilayers. 41. Cooperativity is A. the occurrence of separate events together in a nonindependent manner. B. several proteins cooperating to form a quaternary structure. C. the alpha helix and the beta sheet working together to fold a protein. D. a series of independent two-state processes. E. two cell membranes fusing together. 42. Sedimentation describes A. the process of dead organisms forming layers on the ocean floor. B. a type of rock with fossils in it. C. the motion of particles in a fluid under the application of a force. D. an analytical ultracentrifuge with special optical devices and sensors. E. the release of waste from plant cells into the soil. 43. An analytical ultracentrifuge contains special optical devices and sensors that can track the movement of molecules as they are being centrifuged. From this we can learn the
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// Demonstrate inheriting a protected base class. #include <iostream> using namespace std; class base { int i; protected: int j; public: int k; void seti(int a) { i = a; } int geti() { return i; } }; // Inherit base as protected. class derived : protected base { public: void setj(int a) { j = a; } // j is protected here void setk(int a) { k = a; } // k is also protected int getj() { return j; } int getk() { return k; } }; int main() { derived ob; /* This next line is illegal because seti() is a protected member of derived, which makes it inaccessible outside of derived. */ // ob.seti(10); // // cout << ob.geti(); // illegal -- geti() is protected ob.k = 10; // also illegal because k is protected // these next statements are OK ob.setk(10); cout << ob.getk() << ' '; ob.setj(12); cout << ob.getj() << ' '; return 0; }
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Now we may use improper integrals over in nite intervals to calculate area. EXAMPLE 5.24
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Frame Relay Frame Relay 189
Local loop Central office (CO) switch Toll network
Linking, Libraries, and Headers
Group Policies are used in Windows Server 2003 to define change and configuration management. They are used to define user and computer configurations for groups of users and computers. Configuration of Group Policy is done through the Group Policy Object Editor from within the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in or the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), which can be downloaded from Microsoft s website. The Group Policy settings are contained in a Group Policy Object, which is associated with selected Active Directory objects such as Sites, Domains, and Organizational Units. There is also an option for local policy creation to assist in controlling specific computers. Using Group Policy, an administrator is able to control the policy settings for the following: Registry-based policies This includes Group Policy for the Windows 2003 operating systems and their components, as well as for applications. To manage these settings, use the Administrative Templates node of the Group Policy snap-in. Security options settings. These include local computer, domain, and network security
if you remove the cast, the program will not compile. There are a few restrictions to conversion operators:
W eight and Size
How Extrude Works
The RANK function is one of the newer analytic functions available in Oracle 8.1.6 or later and DB2 version 7.1 or later. At the time of this writing, a corresponding RANK function was not available in SQL Server 2000, but SQL Server 2005 is expected to have more analytic functions. The RANK function allows you to rank a dimension (customer, product, salesperson) according to any metric (sales, profit, commission, and so on). The ranked dimension is determined by the user as result objects in the query. You, as the designer, specify the metric for the ranking. The basic syntax of RANK is
SOLUTION Let (x, y) be a variable point on the line. Using the points (x, y) and ( 4, 5), we may calculate the slope to be m= y 5 . x ( 4)
Normal Pick Tool state Normal Shape Tool states
3.11 Local Television Broadcast Stations
Notice that a handler is called if and only if SomeEvent is not null. Since other parts of your program must register an interest in an event in order to receive event notifications, it is possible that OnSomeEvent( ) could be called before any event handler has been registered. To prevent calling on a null reference, the event delegate must be tested to ensure that it is not null. Inside EventDemo, an event handler called Handler( ) is created. In this simple example, the event handler simply displays a message, but other handlers could perform more meaningful actions. In Main( ), a MyEvent object is created, and Handler( ) is registered as a handler for this event, by adding it as shown here:
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