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DCE devices commonly include modems and CSU/DSUs. CSU/DSUs terminate digital/synchronous circuits and modems terminate analog/asynchronous circuits. A CSU/DSU is responsible for clocking and synchronization of a
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Member Set on the left half of the pane, as shown in the bottom half of Figure 7-23. Right-clicking on other members in the Source Member Set on the right half of the pane will show the options Add as Sibling and Add as Child. Select the appropriate option to add the next member as a sibling or a child of the first member to the Destination Member Set on the left half of the pane. Follow the previous steps for all the members in the Source Member Set. After all the required members are added to the new member set, click on the Member Maintenance tab to go back to the dimension workspace. From the dropdown box titled Member Set, select the newly populated Corporate member set. The members that belong to the Corporate member set are displayed in the dimension workspace. After creating and populating a new member set, the Entity dimension can be saved or checked in. Checking in will automatically save the dimension data to the PPS Planning system. Figure 7-24 shows the member sets that are created for the Entity and Account dimensions for the purpose of the examples in this chapter.
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in open-track systems, 375 378, 375f, 378f, 379f Shape, cam classi cation by, 6 14 Shock, de nition of, 400 Shock response spectrum. See Response spectrum Side thrust in oscillating roller follower, 167 in translating at-faced follower, 168 in translating roller follower, 163 166, 164f, 166f Silicon, 507 508 Simple harmonic curves in dwell-rise-dwell cam, 40 44, 41f, 42f, 50t, 52f, 58t for dwell-rise-return-dwell cams, 53, 53f segment characteristics, 82f spring forces and, 223, 224f torque in, 230, 231f transient-response curves, 362, 363, 363f, 364f Sine curve in dwell-rise-dwell cam, modi ed, 58t, 73 76, 73f modi ed characteristics of, 76, 77f 78f, 404f, 405f, 406f factors for, 555t high-speed systems and, 448 torque in, 230, 231f Size of cam design of, 21 in at-faced followers, 173 minimization of, 204 208 pressure angle and, 162 and radius of curvature, 169 roller acceleration and, 309 Skewed constant acceleration curves, 37 38, 37f Skewed modi ed trapezoidal curves, 70 73, 71f, 72f Sliding causes of, 306 308 mechanics of, 454 455, 455f pure, de ned, 456 reduction of, 308 309 wear and, 264 267, 265t 266t, 268f Sliding followers automotive, materials for, 532 534 installations, 312, 312f lubrication of, 312
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[ROW/COL] is an optional input parameter. The RunningMax function can be applied across either rows or columns. The [reset_dimension_variables] are optional input parameters. Providing a dimension_variable or a list of dimension_variables tells the RunningMax function to reset the max value back to <Null> whenever the dimension_variable(s) change values. Examples:
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Property Bar now displays Contour options.
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2960 LEDs and MODE Button
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
Test Light ON Between Test Light OFF Between
The area between the nearest and farthest points that are in focus through
Energy is fundamental to life. Therefore, every branch of biophysics requires a thorough understanding of the principles of energy. To that end, in this chapter we study thermodynamics, which is the branch of physics that deals with energy.
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SELECT DISTINCT Outlet_Lookup.Shop_name, Calendar_year_lookup.Month_Name, sum(Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_ma.Sales_revenue) FROM Calendar_year_lookup, Outlet_Lookup, Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_ma WHERE ( Calendar_year_lookup.Yr=Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_ma.Yr AND Calendar_year_lookup.Week_In_Year=Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_ma.Wk ) AND ( Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_ma.Store_name=Outlet_Lookup.Shop_name GROUP BY Outlet_Lookup.Shop_name, Calendar_year_lookup.Month_Name
TX15 X10 thermostat (Photo courtesy
m 50 ( 0.0255)2 = 6.50. ( xmax )2 = I 0.005
the potential occurrence of skin cancer. Technically ultraviolet radiation , represents that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum above visible light. Thus, ultraviolet radiation has a shorter wavelength and higher frequency than does visible light. The wavelength of ultraviolet radiation ranges from approximately 400 billionths of a meter to about 10 billionths of a meter. Ultraviolet waves are generated by the sun, and the ozone layer blocks most of those rays. This explains why the depletion of the ozone layer in the earth s atmosphere is a great matter of concern. Another source of ultraviolet radiation is ultraviolet lamps that many persons associate with tanning salons. However, ultraviolet light is also used in hospitals to treat skin conditions and kill different types of bacteria. X RAYS As we move up the ladder of the frequency spectrum, we find high-energy waves, referred to as X rays, residing above the ultraviolet band. X rays were discovered by Konrad R ntgen in 1895 when he determined, by accident, that a fluorescent plate glowed even when it was far away from a tube conveying an electron beam. When he placed his hand in front of the fluorescent plate, he was able to see the bones in his hand; this discovery paved the way for the use of X rays in such diverse applications as inspecting welds in pipes and checking body parts.
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