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C++ from the Ground Up
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A 2005 study by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) claims that pirated DVDs were costing the movie industry over $6.1 billion per year. For Blu-ray to succeed, some method of content protection more effective than the thoroughly compromised CSS (Content Scrambling System, used for DVDs) was needed.
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The EPON is a point-to-multipoint (P2M) network, with a single CO providing services to a number of residential/business customers. All transmissions in the EPON system are performed between the OLT and ONUs, where the OLT is typically a blade in a CO chassis, while the ONUs are more commonly deployed as stand-alone boxes, with their exact location depending on the deployment scenario (home for FTTH, curb in FTTC, business office in FTTB see Figure 7.1 for details). Both active components also have other functions. The OLT connects the optical access network to the metropolitan area network (MAN) or wide area network (WAN),
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Written May 2008. Clarifies Standard S10, IT Governance. This guideline provides additional information to the IS auditor regarding the audit and review of IT governance. It describes the common themes that exist among most IT organizations, as well as the typical differences between them. This information can assist an IS auditor by describing the common attributes of IT organizations.
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You must specify either the name (http) or the port number(s) to have the appliance examine and copy them to the external server. The default port number for web traffic is 80. I recommend that you put in all common port numbers, including 8080, used by web servers. Next you enter your internal and external IP addresses and subnet masks that you want to perform filtering on. To examine all clear-text web traffic, enter, or 0 0 0 0. NOTE Remember that you are not entering a source and destination address in the filter url command, but an internal and external address, where the internal address can represent users and/or web servers, and likewise for external addresses. Some optional parameters are at the end of the filter url command. The allow parameter affects how the appliance will react if it doesn t get a reply from the policy server. By default, if the appliance doesn t get a reply, it denies the user access to the external web server. You can override this by specifying the allow parameter. When you configure this parameter, the appliance waits for a response from the web content policy server if it doesn t get a reply, the appliance allows the web traffic. This allows your users to still access the Internet in the event that the web content policy server is down or unreachable. The proxy-block parameter causes the appliance to drop all web requests to proxy servers. One problem that the PIX had in version 6.1 and earlier dealt with long URL names. If a URL was 1,160 characters or longer, the PIX wouldn t process it in effect, allowing the connection. This sounds like it wouldn t be a problem, because most URLs are fewer than 80 characters. However, many CGI-BIN scripts and backend programs have information embedded in a URL passed to them this information, in certain cases, might be very long, which creates a problem with the PIX. As of version 6.2, this limit has been increased to 4,000 characters. However, you might not want to send all of these extra characters to the content policy server, or you might even want to deny users access to these long URLs. The longurl-truncate parameter tells the appliance to send a portion of the URL to the content policy server for evaluation. The longurl-deny command has the appliance deny the user s web connection if the URL is longer than the maximum defined. The cgi-truncate parameter behaves the same as the longurl-truncate parameter with the exception that this parameter only applies to CGI-BIN script requests embedded in a URL.
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Deck/Superstructure Replacement and Superstructure/Substructure Repair
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TCP/IP Internet Layer IOS Device Management WAN Introduction
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Even though references are included in C++ primarily to support call-by-reference parameter passing and to act as a return value from a function, it is possible to declare a stand-alone reference variable. This is called an independent reference. However, independent reference variables are seldom a good idea because they tend to confuse and destructure your program. With these reservations in mind, we will take a short look at them here. Since a reference variable must point to some object, an independent reference must be initialized when it is declared. Generally, this means that it will be assigned the address of a previously declared variable. Once this is done, the reference variable can be used anywhere that the variable it references can. In fact, there is virtually no distinction between the two. For example, consider this program:
3: The Audit Process
The appliances support filtering of type-3 LSAs; this might be necessary if you are using private network numbers on certain interfaces and do not want to pass these as routes via OSPF. Configuring prefix filtering (filtering of type-3 LSAs) is a two-step process:
NIF = Nodal Interworking Function
When finished setting up the event, click the OK button to save the event with HomeSeer. Once we ve finished in the bathroom and have made it safely back to bed, we don t want the lights on all night even at 25 percent. As such, we ve set up the lights to turn off after 10 minutes. This setting is made on the motion detector itself, which sends an off signal to the RF base after a preset amount of time. The unit we re using allows for between 1 and 256 minutes; we set it to 10 minutes.
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