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if(idx >= 0 & idx < Length) return members[idx]; else return (char)0; } } /* See if an element is in the set. Return the index of the element or -1 if not found. */ int find(char ch) { int i; for(i=0; i < Length; i++) if(members[i] == ch) return i; return -1; } // Add a unique element to a set. public static Set operator +(Set ob, char ch) { // If ch is already in the set, return a copy of the // original set. if(ob.find(ch) != -1) { // Return a copy of the original set. return new Set(ob); } else { // Return a new set that contains the new element. // Make the new set one element larger than the original. Set newset = new Set(ob.Length+1); // Copy elements into the new set. for(int i=0; i < ob.Length; i++) newset.members[i] = ob.members[i]; // Set the Length property. newset.Length = ob.Length+1; // Add new element to new set. newset.members[newset.Length-1] = ch; return newset; // return the new set } }
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Table 3.6 History of failures during construction (constructability issues) (continued). German Bridges Location Year 1988 1995 Details Critical load case during incremental launch not included, shear failure during construction Scaffolding collapsed under weight of fresh concrete construction failure
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// Use ToString() to format values. using System; class ToStringDemo { static void Main() { double v = 17688.65849; double v2 = 0.15; int x = 21; string str = v.ToString("F2"); Console.WriteLine(str); str = v.ToString("N5"); Console.WriteLine(str); str = v.ToString("e"); Console.WriteLine(str); str = v.ToString("r");
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As you can see, three exceptions are thrown. After each exception, the function returns. When the function is called again, the exception handling is reset. It is important to understand that the code associated with a catch statement will be executed only if it catches an exception. Otherwise, execution simply bypasses the catch statement.
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Sentir (e to ie, i), to feel Gerund: sintiendo Present: siento, sientes, siente, sentimos, sent s, sienten Preterit: sent , sentiste, sinti , sentimos, sentisteis, sintieron Other verbs like sentir include advertir (to warn, to notify), consentir (to consent), mentir (to lie), preferir (to prefer), and referir (to refer). Dormir (o to ue, u), to sleep Gerund: durmiendo Present: duermo, duermes, duerme, dormimos, dorm s, duermen Preterit: dorm , dormiste, durmi , dormimos, dormisteis, durmieron Another verb like dormir is morir (to die).
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Component 1: Demand Creation: Typically, the marketing department has responsibility for demand creation. Through advertising, public relations, trade shows, and direct promotion, the marketing department creates demand for the company s products or services. However, in many cases, the sales department will help create demand for the product. This is usually true for companies selling new high-end products in the business-to-business market. This is known as new market selling. In these instances, the most practical method to create demand for the product is to hire a seasoned sales force to promote the product to target buyers. In some instances, some sales organizations, such as pharmaceutical sales, only
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Containing Block
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The IEqualityComparer<T> interface is the equivalent of its non-generic relative IEqualityComparer. It defines these two methods: bool Equals(T obj1, T obj2) int GetHashCode(T obj) Equals( ) must return true if obj1 and obj2 are equal. GetHashCode( ) must return the hash code for obj.
ZDV, zidovudine; TDF, tenofovir; d4T, stavudine; ddI, didanosine; 3TC, lamivudine; FTC, emtricitabine; LPV, lopinavir; RTV, ritonavir; SQV, saquinavir; NFV, nefinavir; ATV, atazanavir; IDV, indinavir; FPV, fosamprenavir
n this chapter, we will discuss the three categories of client devices: local devices, remote devices, and hybrid devices. Each of these categories may include some or all of the client device types: thin clients ( toaster devices such as Wyse or HP terminals or fully locked-down PCs dedicated to running only a web browser and/or Citrix client), desktops or workstations, laptops, and mobile devices running a Palm OS or Windows Mobile OS. We also discuss some of the areas of influence for delivering applications to users and the types of applications to deliver (for instance, when to use desktops versus published applications). Finally, we discuss strategies and provide installation tips not covered by the standard documentation from the manufacturers, and we introduce some advanced concepts and considerations when distributing your client environment throughout your company. When it comes to choosing the best client device to use in your environment, you ll need to take into account several things. In general, companies tended to lean toward the simplest (or thinnest ) client device available to take full advantage of the savings derived from lower upfront costs, lower setup costs, significantly reduced software maintenance, reduced hardware maintenance, and fewer repairs. Although the concept and approach of thin clients has not changed much since the inception of server-based computing, price and performance have both improved dramatically. It is now possible to procure a simple thin client device for $299 (monitor is extra). A more complex thin client device can be had for $1,000 (running Windows Embedded XP OS) from several manufacturers, including Wyse, HP, Neoware, and others. Recently, desktops and laptop prices have been dramatically reduced in price throughout the industry. This begs the question, What type of device should my company purchase When comparing thin clients and PCs, be fair and make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Although we have heard many people argue that they can procure PCs for about the same cost as thin clients, we have never discovered that to be true. Even though many consumerbased retail outlets advertise $600 PCs, corporations today often spend over $1,000 per PC in order to get a fully configured PC with the Windows XP Professional operating system, networking, and a three-year warranty. Table 5-1 provides a comparison between the costs of a PC and a Wyse terminal thin client. The numbers from Table 5-1 are very conservative by most industry standards. The Gartner Group estimates that most enterprise organizations spend closer to $7,000 per PC per year, because the number of nonautomated reconfigurations and software installations is much greater than the numbers used here. Additionally, the internal billable rate ($50 per hour) is lower than most enterprise organizations experience for fully loaded costs. Regardless, we wanted to use conservative numbers to make our case inarguable. For an organization considering a technology-refresh of 100 PCs per year, even if all soft costs are ignored, the upfront savings for just the initial procurement and setup costs will be $64,750 per year. If soft costs are included, and a three-year cost outlay is looked at for the enterprise organization, the savings are very significant.
Lo que means what (that which) and is the subject of a verb:
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