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Active Directory authentication provider This provider enables integration with Active Directory, allowing you to assign existing domain-level user accounts for access to the EdgeSight Server. To set up this provider, you will need to know the following information: The LDAP path for the search base of your Active Directory forest. This should be entered in the following format: LDAP://yourdomain.com. You can also elect to use an existing Global Catalog server in place of the LDAP server entry. The format is similar: GC://yourdomain.com. The user name and password for the account used to query Active Directory for users and groups.
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Method public bool Contains(string value) public bool EndsWith(string value) public bool EndsWith(string value, StringComparison comparisonType) public bool EndsWith(string value, bool ignoreCase, CultureInfo culture) public int IndexOf(char value) public int IndexOf(string value)
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5. Influencing and Persuading
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In Stockholm, Sweden, the school system uses fingerprint authentication to log in 80,000 students to its computer network of 19,000 workstations in information technology labs in the city s 174 public schools. The problems confronting the Stockholm schools are by no means unique to Swedish schoolchildren. Students frequently forgot their passwords, particularly in the lower grades. Teachers spent up to 20 minutes of a 40-minute computer class resetting passwords, wasting time reserved for educational instruction. To avoid wasting time, some teachers and students wrote the passwords down, creating a security risk and setting a bad precedent for proper procedures. Also, students shared passwords, which meant that it was difficult to monitor a student s Internet surfing activities, which might stray into unauthorized areas. Initially, the school system did a one-year pilot study with 450 students and teachers. Administrators were concerned over how scanners would perform with small fingers in a challenging environment. The pilot results impressed the school administration. The school administration selected fingerprint as the biometric of choice because it was seen as more reliable, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive when compared to other biometric solutions. During the initial phase of the pilot study, four different fingerprint scanners were used with 60 students enrolled on all four types for preliminary testing. Engineers discovered that devices from two of the vendors, well-suited for adult fingerprints, had difficulty scanning the smaller fingers of children. Consequently, after two months of testing, one scanner and 450 students and teachers at the test site were selected. To log in, a student enters her username, then places either the left or right index finger on the scanner (both are enrolled so students do not have to remember
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This program produces the following output:
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Line Overhead Bytes
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If the carboxylic acid has two carboxyl functional groups (a dicarboxylic acid) and if the alcohol has two hydroxyl functional groups (a diol), a polyester will result: nHOOC R COOH nHO R OH 0 OOC R COO R n nH2O. [ ] In the preparation of the polyester, you will react ethylene glycol, a diol, with phthalic anhydride. In this activity, phthalic anhydride will react similarly to the way phthalic acid (1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid) reacts, resulting in the formation of a polyester. Phthalic acid and ethylene glycol are the A and B units of the A-B polymer: phthalic anhydride ethylene glycol 0 polyester. In the second part of this activity, you will prepare nylon, which is a polyamide with many amide functional groups. A common method for preparing amides is the reaction of a carboxylic-acid chloride with an HCl. amine, as in RCOCl R NH2 0 RCONHR In the preparation of nylon, you will react adipoyl chloride, a compound with two carbonyl-halogen functional groups, with hexamethylenediamine, a compound with two amine groups. Hexamethyenediamine is also known as 1,6-diaminohexane. Because each monomer has two reactive sites, a long chain of alternating units can form: nClOC(CH2)4COCl nH2N(CH2)6NH2 0 HN(CH2)6NHOC(CH2)4CO n nH2O. [ ]
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Migration to higher data rates to increase the available bandwidth is perhaps the most straightforward way to increase the supported subscriber population or provide more bandwidth per customer. Over the next few years, the EPON roadmap includes
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Synchronization This raises the question of synchronization of the two patterns to be compared before error detection can commence. In order to synchronize rapidly yet remain synchronized at high error rates or during large error bursts, it s necessary to establish a sync criterion BER that has variable gate times over which a test for synchronicity is made. The sync criterion may be expressed as
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The Digital Dog is the ultimate source of detailed information, tricks, and tips for color matching.
statement in the ACL or insert a statement in your current ACL configuration.
Low Intermediate High
Assigning Structures
TABLE 11-4
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The Technical Volume should describe the proposed solution to your problem and why it is appropriate. Bidders should show how they will address each of your requirements in the proposed system. Their response can be as simple as a matrix of
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