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Scheme 4: Maintain and retro t bearings as required and provide longitudinal restraints/ties as appropriate to reduce the risk of toppling of the rocker bearings. At some of the expansion bearings, existing shims under stringers may be replaced. The need for using multi-rotational or isolation bearings will be investigated. Isolation bearings may be considered for higher seismic zones. Multi-rotational pad bearings or simpler elastomeric pads, xed, and expansion types will be considered. Bearing design will be based on the LRFD method. The bridge may be upgraded for seismic resistance using isolation bearings to replace both xed and expansion bearings. Expansion bearings can cause a malfunction due to lack of maintenance. Bearings are usually replaced by jacking by hydraulic jacks placed on abutment seats where expansion bearings are located. Jacking beams need to be connected to webs by welding stiffener plates. Bolted connections at the end of jacking beams need to be designed for the dead load. Jacking is usually not done under live load and the traf c lane needs to be closed. At least one constructible scheme for bearing replacement must be shown in the contract documents. All related analyses, including the effects of the jacking on all connections and elements, must be performed. Thought shall be given to any required jacking procedure and constraints. Girders shall be raised uniformly in a transverse direction in order to avoid inducing stresses into the superstructure. The following jacking design guidelines need to be considered: Deck should be closed to traf c until jacking is done and bearings are completed Do not include impact load to design jacking force requirements If shims and blocks are used for temporary support under traf c, design must include impact If strengthening during jacking is required, all details must be shown in contract documents. A special provision or notes on contract drawings will be added for the contractor to submit alternate schemes Seismic retro t. Minimum support widths for bridge seat: For minimum width requirements, a spreadsheet will be developed based on AASHTO formula, and available bearing widths at each abutment and pier will be checked.
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the invoking object at runtime. Thus, even though the type of ob is specified as object in the program s source code, at runtime, the actual type of object being referred to is known. This is why the CLR will generate an exception if you try an invalid cast during program execution.
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Formatting is governed by two components: format specifiers and format providers. The form that the string representation of a value will take is controlled through the use of a format specifier. Thus, it is the format specifier that dictates how the human-readable form of the data will look. For example, to output a numeric value using scientific notation, you will use the E format specifier. In many cases, the precise format of a value will be affected by the culture and language in which the program is running. For example, in the United States, money is represented
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As you read the following four coaching techniques, it can be helpful to think about several Nines you know and how you might use the techniques with those individuals. Nines are normally very similar to one another, although Nines who have a strong link to arrow lines Three or Six or a strong Eight wing may not initially appear as mellow and easygoing as other Nines. Nines can also appear different from one another, depending on factors such as their self-mastery level, empathy, how they use their wings and arrows, subtype, experience, age, gender, and culture.
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Adobe AIR, along with Adobe Flex, are cornerstones of Adobe s RIA platform, which enables developers and designers to create and deliver rich, dynamic, branded content and applications across all major operating systems. Key elements of Adobe AIR are open source, including the WebKit HTML engine, the ActionScript Virtual Machine (Tamarin project), and SQLite local database functionality. Additionally, Adobe also offers Adobe Flex as open source. By embracing open-source technologies and offering prerelease versions of software, Adobe enables developers worldwide to participate in the growth of the industry s most advanced platform for building cross-operating-system RIAs. Adobe AIR represents a new medium, as the best of the Web and the best of the desktop come together, said Kevin Lynch, senior vice president and chief software architect at Adobe. Adobe AIR expands the universe of possibilities for Web developers who can now deliver a new generation of applications that work across operating systems and both inside and outside the browser, bridging the gap between the Web and the personal computer.
How to Get a Job Making Video Games
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following: Na, Na , Cl, and Cl . 3. Identify the noble gases that Na and Cl resemble in their electron configurations. 4. Draw the Lewis electron-dot diagrams for Na and Cl .
Elastic Mode With this command, you move selected nodes according to their relative distance from each other; the effect is like experimenting with a rubber band. For example, while a collection of nodes is selected, dragging one of the nodes causes the others to be dragged a shorter distance in relation to the node that is being dragged. While Elastic mode is off, all the selected nodes are moved equal distances. Try this option to add a more organic and natural feeling to a drawing you might feel looks a little too studied and stiff; it adds expression to a path. Reduce Nodes When you use this command, CorelDRAW evaluates the overall shape based on the nodes you ve selected, deletes nodes that deviate from a predictable course along the path, and then repositions the remaining nodes the effect is to smooth the curve. For past CorelDRAW users, this was called The Curve Smoothness slider. To use this feature, select the nodes controlling the segments you want to smooth and drag the Reduce Nodes slider control position toward 100. As you drag the slider, the shape of the curves become smoothed and you ll notice superfluous nodes disappear from the curve. This option is useful for smoothing lines drawn using the Freehand Tool with either the mouse or a digitizing tablet stylus. Select All Nodes This button selects all the nodes in a path (or compound path) with one click. It s a great feature for users who aren t expert with the marquee-selection dragging technique yet. You may also select all the nodes in a path with the Shape Tool by holding CTRL+SHIFT and clicking any node on the path.
dy = 3(cos2 u)d cos U = 3(cos2 ux-sin u)du = 3[cos2( x 2 + 2)][- sin(x2 + 2)}2xdx
tive nuclide is N0, and that the half-life is T. Then the amount of parent nuclei remaining at a time t can be written as N1 N0(1/2)(t/T). This relationship is called the radioactive decay equation. What is the number of daughter nuclei present at time t, expressed in terms of N0 and N1 2. What is the ratio of daughter nuclei to parent nuclei at time t expressed in terms of N0 and N1 Simplify the expression. 3. Use the radioactive decay equation to eliminate N0 and N1 from your answer to question 2. 4. 40K decays to 40Ar. 40K has a half-life of 19 20 19 1.25 109 years and decays by positron ( 0 ) 1 emission. Write the equation for this nuclear reaction.
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