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Strong authentication controls that include tokens, certificates, and biometrics require support and management processes that will equip users with the knowledge and devices they require and with support processes to help them in times of trouble. Areas where support processes require additional steps include these. Provisioning Provisioning user accounts when strong authentication is used does require more effort. Whereas user ID-and-password accounts can often be provisioned remotely, strong authentication provisioning often requires in-person presence. For instance, users need to be given a hardware token (although one could be shipped to the user); a digital certificate needs to be installed on the user s computer (although this may be possible through a remote network connection); or a user must enroll their biometric, which may or may not be possible unless the user is on-site. Training Users will often require training in the use of their strong authentication so that they will know how to use it properly. Without adequate or effective training, users will call the service desk more frequently, raising costs even higher (the cost of implementing strong authentication is many times that of ordinary user ID-and-password authentication). Where hardware tokens (or USB tokens or smart cards) are used, users need to be trained to carry their hardware devices separate from the computers they use. They need to understand that if their computer and hardware authentication device are kept together and stolen, an intruder may have an easier time breaking into corporate databases. Authentication Troubles Strong authentication is more complicated, and this can trip up some end users. While digital certificates are fairly hands-off (aside from forgetting the password), tokens and biometrics have their share of support issues. Biometrics that are configured with too low a tolerance for error may lock out legitimate users (and, if configured with too high a tolerance, may admit outsiders), which could require that users re-register or their systems be looked at. Token and smart card authentication methods use tiny electronic devices that cannot be considered absolutely trouble-free. While highly reliable, a few things can go wrong that may require their replacement. The IT service desk will need to develop workaround procedures when users are not able to log in using their strong authentication methods. Making a user wait until they can be re-registered for their biometrics, for instance, will be unacceptable in many instances. Replacing Devices Like keycards and other small objects, in a large enough organization, lost tokens and smart cards will be a regular occurrence. Users will lose them, damage them (spilled coffee and so on), or leave them behind in a hotel room or their other suit jacket. The IT service desk will need to develop procedures for emergency authentication while users are awaiting replacement devices. Making them wait for replacements (even when shipped overnight) will be unacceptable in many cases. Instead, information systems need to be able to fall back to user ID-and-password authentication for emergencies.
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7.42 Fiber-Optical Testing
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At the end of the ip access-group command, you must specify which ACL you are activating and in which direction:
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Second Solution: There is another feature of th~scurve that can be analyzed using calculus. Look at the left part of the curve that looks like a parabola opening down and then the right part of the curve that looks like a parabola opening up. On this left part of the curve the slope becomes more and more negative until some point, between x = -1.2 and x = 0.55, the slope of the curve, though still negative, starts becoming more positive. The point where this happens is also called a point of inflection. The strict definition of this point (of inflection) is that it is the point where the slope changes from becoming more negative to becoming more positive or vice versa.
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References foi" Further Study
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Use Layers
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Variously sized white or yellow structures Small or large, single or multiple
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The ultimate goal of network management is to improve system uptime. The CEO of an organization may see it as another overhead expense. The CIO should see it as a tool for maintaining a near 100 percent uptime. The higher the system availability, the less equipment is needed, and the lower the cost of running the network and the more efficient the organization will be that utilizes its resources. Everyone in the corporate management structure needs a clear understanding of the goals of the network management, and the amount of time and effort required to reach those goals. Network management is a great tool for proactively managing the network and collecting alarms and alerts at threshold levels that are below the Houston, we ve got a problem level. It has often been said that if you do have a failure, then the network management didn t work! Unfortunately, many network management systems are viewed as disaster recovery mechanisms rather than disaster avoidance and prevention mechanisms.
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Using Type s methods and properties, it is possible to obtain detailed information about a type at runtime. This is an extremely powerful feature, because once you have obtained information about a type, you can invoke its constructors, call its methods, and use its properties. Thus, reflection enables you to use code that was not available at compile time. The Reflection API is quite large, and it is not possible to cover the entire topic here. (Complete coverage of reflection could easily fill an entire book!) However, because the Reflection API is logically designed, once you understand how to use a part of it, the rest just falls into place. With this thought in mind, the following sections demonstrate four key reflection techniques: obtaining information about methods, invoking methods, constructing objects, and loading types from assemblies.
Volt-Ohmmeter set on DC Volts
x = print_vertical("hello"); // Error
// Use the Length array property on a 3D array. using System; class LengthDemo3D { static void Main() { int[,,] nums = new int[10, 5, 6]; Console.WriteLine("Length of nums is " + nums.Length); } }
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