Figure 3.81 A low-frequency in Software

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Several of the algorithms and containers use a special type of function called a predicate. There are two variations of predicates: unary and binary. A unary predicate takes one argument. A binary predicate has two arguments. These functions return true/false results, but the precise conditions that make them return true or false are defined by you. For the rest of this chapter, when a unary predicate function is required, it will be notated using the type UnPred. When a binary predicate is required, the type BinPred will be used. In a binary predicate, the arguments are always in the order of first,second. For both unary and binary predicates, the arguments will contain values of the type of objects being stored by the container. Some algorithms and classes use a special type of binary predicate that compares two elements. Comparison functions return true if their first argument is less than their second. Comparison functions will be notated using the type Comp. In addition to the headers required by the various STL classes, the C++ standard library includes the <utility> and <functional> headers, which provide support for the STL. For example, in <utility> is defined the template class pair, which can hold a pair of values. We will make use of pair later in this chapter. The templates in <functional> help you to construct objects that define operator( ). These are called function objects, and they may be used in place of function pointers in many places. There are several predefined function objects declared within <functional>. Some are shown here: plus negate less minus equal_to less_equal multiplies not_equal_to logical_and divides greater logical_or modulus greater_equal logical_not
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Use in Business and Education
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Figure 8-15 DiffServ usage of IP ToS/Traffic Class octet
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Guidelines placed on your document page extend between the top, bottom, left, and right edges of the document window. Guidelines appear as vertical and horizontal dashed lines, but guidelines can also be rotated slanted. In CorelDRAW, guidelines are considered unique objects they have their own properties and are manipulated in many ways like objects you draw. To view and hide the display of guidelines in your document window, right-click with no object selected and then choose View | Guidelines. By default, a new document doesn t have any guidelines you need to create them, the subject of the section to follow. To have objects snap to the guidelines you create, choose from the drop-down list, Snap To, on the Standard Bar, right where you found Snap To Grid earlier in this chapter.
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8. If you are issuing certificates to entities outside your enterprise, and you do not want to use Active Directory or other Windows 2000 public key infrastructure (PKI) features, then you want a stand-alone CA. Select one of the following: Stand-alone CA This is if you do not already have a stand-alone CA or if you need a second root for a purpose different than the first. Stand-alone subordinate CA This is if this CA is a member of an existing CA hierarchy. The parent CA in the hierarchy can be a stand-alone CA, an enterprise CA, or an external commercial CA.
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Flash Characteristics:
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Figure 6-6 DC motor with round stator (Cour tesy of Zero Emission V ehicles of Australia and www.electric-car
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So we have a simple algorithm that we can use to determine the convolution of two functions in the time domain. This is done by applying the following steps
Waveform Editors
Smudge Tool
A direct-detection OTDR acquires the reflection response of a fiber or network by measuring reflected optical power as a function of time in response to a transmitted optical pulse. This is the simplest type of OTDR, as can be seen from the block diagram shown in Figure 28.9. The 3 dB fiber coupler is a device that splits optical pulses from the laser into the two fibers on the right-hand side of the coupler. One of the right-hand fibers is terminated to suppress any reflected signal, while the other is connected to the fiber or network under test. Reflections from the fiber or network under test are split between the laser, (where the signal is lost), and the reDownloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
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