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Sales compensation provides sales management with a powerful tool to help focus sales personnel efforts. However, as we have learned, building an effective sales compensation plan is not a casual task. Following the approach and concepts presented in this book, you will find the task accomplishable. Here are some summary notes as you undertake your sales compensation design efforts.
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Table A11 Electronic Wiring Color Code (from the Electronic Industries Association [EIA])
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Liabilities Assets
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Copy Constructors and Parameters
Be Your Own Press
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NOTE Citrix Presentation session login time was not significantly impacted by the Password Manager Agent. The following test bed was used for this phase of testing: File Server Hardware Configuration: IBM x-Series 335 Dual Xeon 2.4 GHz Processors with 512KB L2 Cache 34GB Ultra 320 SCSI 1GB RAM 3GB Page File
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