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Grant Imahara started his career in robotics as a kid by drawing pictures of robots from movies and television. Later, his designs evolved into LEGOs, and then cardboard and wood. Only recently, he laments, have I had the tools and equipment to build them out of metal. Though Grant got his start as part the Industrial Light and Magic team at Robot Wars in 1996 (he s an animatronics engineer and model maker for George Lucas ILM special effects company), he is perhaps best known for his creation known as Deadblow. Deadblow is a robot with its share of stories. The best match I ever fought was against Pressure Drop in season 1.0, Grant recalls. I had broken the end of my hammer off in a previous match against a robot named Alien Gladiator. Grant had a spare arm, but, not really expecting to need it, he hadn t fully prepared it to mate with the robot. Without the hammer head, he had no weapon, so a little quick construction work was called for. No problem, I thought. I ll just drive back to ILM and work on it at our shop. With three hours before the next match, I figured it would be a breeze. Unfortunately, Grant soon uncovered a glitch. We drove up to the shop and I started working on the hammer arm. I discovered to my horror that we were out of carbide mills, and I had to put two holes in case-hardened steel. After going through several high-speed steel bits and getting nowhere, I resorted to going through my co-worker s desks, trying to find a carbide tool. Finally, I found a tiny 1/16-inch carbide bit. I took this bit and chucked it into a Dremel tool and painstakingly bored two 3/8-inch holes in the handle of my hammer by hand.
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Tuition is $20.
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common presence and instant message format, an IETF format designed for instant message data. Unlike an INVITE, a MESSAGE request does not establish a SIP dialog. MESSAGE requests can, however, be associated with an existing SIP dialog. An instant message sent between two parties during an existing session would be associated with the dialog of that session. In many cases, however, a MESSAGE request will simply be sent between two users and will not be associated with any session. Therefore, if a MESSAGE request is sent outside an existing dialog, it is not required that any tag value be included in the To: header. Figure 5-19 shows an example of the MESSAGE method as a means for passing instant messages. Two messages are shown. In the first case, Boss sends a message to Daniel via a proxy. When the message is delivered, a 200 (OK) response is returned. Subsequently, Daniel wants to respond to the instant message and constructs a MESSAGE request of his own. This request is also sent via a proxy and a 200 (OK) response is returned. Note that both of the messages are sent via the same proxy in Figure 5-19. From a protocol perspective, the two MESSAGE requests are totally independent. Therefore, the MESSAGE request from Daniel to Boss might traverse a different proxy (or proxies) than the MESSAGE request from Boss to Daniel. In Figure 5-19, we see that none of the Contact:, Record-Route:, or Route: headers are included. The Contact: header is strictly forbidden with the MESSAGE method. The Record-Route: and Route: headers are not relevant to the MESSAGE method because those headers are related to a specific dialog, and the MESSAGE method does not establish a SIP dialog.
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Weinberg (2002). The conventions used in the syntax notation are listed before the state ment syntax: Uppercase words denote reserved words. Mixed-case words without hyphens denote names that the user substitutes. The asterisk* after a syntax element indicates that a comma-separated list can be used. The plus symbol + after a syntax element indicates that a list can be used. No commas appear in the list. Names enclosed in angle brackets < > denote definitions defined later in the syntax. The definitions occur on a new line with the element and colon followed by the syntax. Square brackets [ ] enclose optional elements. Curly brackets { } enclose choice elements. One element must be chosen among the elements separated by the vertical bars |. The parentheses ( ) denote themselves. Double hyphens ~ denote comments that are not part of the syntax.
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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Homogenizing Clients
// Demonstrate the if. using System; class IfDemo { static void Main() { int a, b, c; a = 2; b = 3;
<length> Any length value. <percentage> The padding s width is calculated with respect to the width of the element s containing block (usually, but not always, the content area of the parent element). padding-top may or may not have an effect on non-replaced (e.g., text) inline Note elements. User agents should assign the value of padding-top to these elements, and it may increase the amount of background which is drawn. Any borders set on the element will also be pushed away from the content of the element. User agents are not, however, required to increase the visible background area of inline elements. Even if the user agent does increase the visible background, it may or may not overwrite content in preceding lines. Authors are thus encouraged to avoid setting top padding on inline elements.
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